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Breaking the Grip of Human Existence: A Foolish Approach to Dying - by Tony M Jackson

There is no doubt, that society has its ills. We experience problems and issues around every corner. Just when we think we have life all worked out, we are seemly pulled back into this human existence of joys and pains, ups and downs. You see, the human existence is a never-ending rollercoaster ride. I know you are thinking, let me off at the next stop please--stability. Unfortunately, the ride continues from birth, until the day of transcendence. In a world of relentless despair, there is hope for humanity.


The journey of this human existence is individual. We all have to decide how we want to live our lives. More importantly, we have to decide how we will live this existence by rising above adversity and challenges we experience each and every day. Confucius said, “Our greatest glory is “not” in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” No other words capture this human existence so eloquently.


We are living in one of the most challenging times in human history, and society’s ills are a direct result of decisions we collectively made, or were forced upon us. Peace of mind and good health are important to living life, effectively dealing with whatever life throws at you, and ultimately leads to proactively standing tall in the face of society’s ills. It becomes a realization we must all face as individuals that are apart of a collective existence. This is not an easy undertaking, but you can begin the process of healing any stored pain that’s in your life.


First, you must realize and accept that you did not choose life--life chose you! This is an awesome prize we have, and should take full advantage to gain experiences—being thankful for each moment we live. From the time of our first breath, we begin life’s journey and the many circumstances this existence offer. We have a choice, embrace life for what it is…an experience, or push against this existence.


Society does not have to shape our quality of life or vision of what your life should be. There is one elementary truth, the more we push against this human existence, life takes corrective action. In fact, life pushes back—leading to stored pain. Acceptance of this experience is important, because contrary to popular belief, life does not come with an owner’s manual with your name written on it. Life always finds a way--a great teacher that allows experiences of both positive and negative events…embrace both as one.


We cannot escape life problems, nor should we attempt to avoid what life has to offer—good or bad. Someone once said, “An idol mind is the devil’s playground.” Filling idol time in stored pain with an overly active sex drive, drugs, alcohol, pornography, over eating, and a host of other destructive behaviors, only leads to misery. Protecting the mind against influences, and the effects of society’s ills, should be a number one priority. The mind, no mater how strong or weak, could fall prey to addictions, reaping devastating consequences for those venturing therein. 


Equally, we cannot escape the devastation of a multitude of heath problems from destructive behavior. The mind and body is joined in a perfect state of harmony, whatever affects one, the consequences are materialized in the other--closing down the very fabric of our soul. Taking care of your body is one of the single most important gifts that you can give yourself. Because after all, we only have one body, and when it is not in good health, it takes corrective actions through tell-tell signs—asking or crying out for help, it wants to survive. The ultimate corrective action is simply death, at that moment; the mind and body dies with no recourse of ever bouncing back…what’s the point.


Again, you have a choice in this individual human existence. We cannot choose what happens to us, we cannot choose the consequences of our choices. Nevertheless, through this human experience, we can learn from society’s ills and the destructive nature that influence bad choices—and refrain from becoming involved with them. You already know the end result. You do not need to stick your hand in the fire only to realize it will burn you!


Remember this, you are not responsible for saving society. As an individual thrust into this human existence, you are responsible for your actions, reactions, and choices, chose wisely. Life was never meant to be a sprint, life was meant to be a marathon, run it wisely. Ultimately, your primary purpose in this human existence is to experience and embrace life, not to struggle against it that results in destructive behavior.


Rise above society’s ills, problems in your life, and life challenges that cause you so much misery that leads to stored pain. Live life with a purpose, and know that all is well with you. Finally, release struggle and stored pain from this human existence and embrace the experience. You owe it to yourself to love the life you’ll save, and in this instance, the life is yours. Begin saving it today! 

Tony Jackson is an expert on “loss prevention” strategies and tactical safety solutions for the incident management industry. Tony is located in Atlanta, Georgia USA. To learn more,” please visit www.globalnologies.com. You may also contact Tony directly at tonyj@globalnologies.com.

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