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Why I Draw Caricatures - by Silly Bill

Perhaps it is born from having a warped sense of humor. Or, more likely, it may come from a deep inborn resistance to rules and authority. I always hated staying "within the lines" and simply could not resist the urge to distort or embellish reality.
  <a href=goto.aspx?article=1075&url=http://www.sillybill.com>Andy Warhol</a> once stated that "everyone gets fifteen minutes of fame". I'm still waiting on mine. My hopes for someday "emerging" as a serious artist and being recognized by an adoring public have long-since surrendered to the practical realities of being able to eat regularly and having a decent roof over my head. I can actually pinpoint the day my artistic Warhol aspirations were dragged whining into the light of practical reality. I was working on a portrait, a painting of a Native American woman. My sixteen-year-old son paused to see what I was painting. He stood for a moment studying her, then patted me on the back and said, "nice caricature, Dad." Of all the artistic criticism I've ever received, that has been the most helpful. I have been focusing my efforts on drawing caricatures ever since.
  I realize that greatness is still possible; there are truly great caricaturists in the world. But, in the meantime, even a mediocre artist can feed himself and pay the rent by doing the "big head, little body" thing.
  Afterall, fifteen minutes of fame still leaves a heck of a lot of time for mediocrity. And then there is the pleasure of being able to depart from the boundries a bit, to allow myself to distort and embellish someone's face with a good degree of abandon and get away with it; even get paid to do it!
  Perhaps VanGogh is a better role model that Warhol, anyway. His work is vastly more popular than Andy's, yet he never sold a single painting in his lifetime. He never had his fifteen minutes, either!
  And that's why I draw caricatures.

Bill Trantham is a retired mental health counselor, working at home drawing caricatures from photos via his website: http://www.sillybill.com

Bill Trantham is a retired mental health counselor, working at home drawing caricatures from photos via his website. http://www.sillybill.com

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