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I am an English landscape designer, I design ecological, Italian/Tuscan-style gardens that capture the very best of Italian nuances and consume very little water by using the ecologica system from my base in Siena, Tuscany. My gardens are based around sustaining indigenous ecosystems and providing an attractive visual harmony with nature and natural processes.I provide an inexpensive design service, see some examples at ...  http://www.lifeinitaly.com/garden/tuscan-garden-designers.asp  or at ... 


 An alternative to the "English" lawn in Italy - Category: Home and Family - Gardening 7/1/2007
Summary: Making an English style lawn in Italian gardens is about the most destructive thing you can do to the environment and here's why! Think again! . . . more

 Italian gardens and ecology - Category: Home and Family - Gardening 6/29/2007
Summary: Italian gardens have often been linked with formality and precision landscaping but here's another view... . . . more