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    Author Bio for Tony M Jackson

Globalnologies Corporation ( http://www.globalnologies.com ) is a private research and development technology company based in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Founded in 2000, seven years later, the company has grown to one of the most recognized “cross-functional incident management" companies in the world. Tony Jackson, is an expert on “loss prevention” strategies and tactical airport grounds safety deployments in the incident management industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and Masters of Business Administration in Technology Management. Contact Tony directly at tonyj@globalnologies.com

 Does a Safe Environment Exist Anymore, Anywhere—Think You’re Safe, Think Again - Category: Home and Family - Self Improvement 8/7/2008
Summary: There was a time when the home was considered the safest environment, but society ills have even taken away the most serene and precious safe point of security for many people. Let’s face it, we are not in Kansas anymore, in fact, Kansas has left the building. Are you confident that you are safe? . . . more

 Critical Mass Safety Transformation—Winning Is Everything - Category: Business - Automotive 8/1/2008
Summary: What moves a heart to be the best at what it does? The man or woman that succeed, is the one who believes he/she can—failure is never an option, even for protection against accidents. . . . more

 Cause and Effect – Picking the Winning Lottery Ticket - Category: Society - Opinion 7/10/2008
Summary: Anxiously awaiting the person to speak, it was a friend informing that he had just won the lottery. With the odds of winning so low, pondering the question of how his chances of winning could have resulted in selecting the numbers that made him an instant millionaire came to mind. In other words, why was he blessed with such an enormous fortune—how did he do it? . . . more

 Fortune 500—It’s Survival of the Fittest - Category: Business - Management 6/24/2008
Summary: “In challenging economic times, any deficiencies or exposures in business operations are magnified that could lead to business failure. Gone are the days when forecasting was the predominant indicator of business success… and businesses are as vulnerable to survival today that can only be compared to the great depression of the early 1900s.” . . . more

 Why do Americans hate each other--Why are we so divided? - Category: Society - Opinion 4/10/2008
Summary: We were in fact, blessed as a nation of “integrated not separated” people who feared God--we endured many hardships, yet we stood firm. So...what's next...will we find our way back or slip even deeper into problems of our own making? . . . more

 To Win--You have to know How to Play the Game - Category: Society - Opinion 11/17/2007
Summary: Most take accidents for granted and that arriving-alive is a right-of-passage-but for over 42,000 motorists in the U.S. that lose this game annually, and over 3 million placed on injured reserve with severe injuries, arriving alive would be a welcomed privilege. Now, these words take on a new meaning if motorists playing the Game of Death and Injuries understand the rules for the Game of Life by preventing accidents proactively. Review (9) Tips to keep you safe! . . . more

 Hope is a Great Gift—Faith is a Spiritual Treasure or is It? - Category: Society - Religion and Spirituality 11/17/2007
Summary: A gift is not always treasured, but faith as a treasure is an everlasting fortune that few possess. We are living in one of the most challenging times in human history. Answers to life problems and issues have proven evasive to say the least. For many are searching for hope, only to realize that faith lies within each of us to discover who we are in the wake of societies’ ills. In each instance of hope, and a more everlasting term “faith,” each could give rise to FEAR, “False Evidence Appearing Real.” . . . more

 Transforming Fleet Safety Challenges...into (8) Profitable ITOS Actions - Category: Business - Management 7/16/2007
Summary: The costs of maintaining fleets and assuring safe operating environments are causing fleet managers many sleepless nights. Rising accidents, worker’s compensation claims, deaths, injuries, litigation, torts, and loss of assets (down-time), all give rise to insurance premiums and other costs control challenges--and is having a major influence on the bottom-line. . . . more

 If it Works—Throw it Out: Is Succeeding Becoming a Success? - Category: Self Improvement - Spirituality 7/13/2007
Summary: If the end result of success is to acquire more possessions, this approach to success ideally serves as a trap and the material things end up owning you, what is the point? Your carnal mind is never satisfied. Becoming a real person requires you to take an unbiased look at your life. You must determine what drives you forward, as well as holds you back in life. . . . more

 Breaking the Grip of Human Existence: A Foolish Approach to Dying - Category: Self Improvement - Inspirational 7/13/2007
Summary: There is no doubt, that society has its ills. We experience problems and issues around every corner. Just when we think we have life all worked out, we are seemly pulled back into this human existence of joys and pains, ups and downs. You see, the human existence is a never-ending rollercoaster ride. I know you are thinking, let me off at the next stop please--stability. . . . more