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Tim Connor, CSP is an internationally renowned sales, management and leadership speaker, trainer and best selling author. Since 1981 he has given over4000 presentations in 21 countries on a variety of sales, management, leadership  and relationship topics. Tim has been a member of the National Speakers Assn for over 25 years and is the founder and CEO of Professional Sales Association Of America and Peak Performance Institute.  He is the best selling author of over 65 books  including the international best sellers; Soft Sell, That's Life, Peace Of Mind, 81 Challenges Managers Face and Your First Year In Sales, Above Ground and Life Is Short. He can be reached at tim@timconnor.com, 704-895-1230 or visit his websites at http://www.timconnor.com and www.ProfessionalSalesAssociationOfAmerica.com.   



 What's the difference between being in love and loving someone? - Category: Society - Relationships 7/17/2007
Summary: - If you are in a relationship and someone that you loved or were in love with and they said to you, I love you I adore you but I am not in love with you any more, what are they really saying to you? . . . more

 Bouncing back from adversity. - Category: Self Improvement - Success 7/17/2007
Summary: Everyone at least once in their life experiences some form of a setback, adversity, failure or loss in at least one area of their life. Adversity can strike with or without notice. It can hit a relationship, a loved one, a career, your business, your health or your financial status. . . . more

 Starting over. - Category: Self Improvement - Success 7/17/2007
Summary: Endings are filled with confusion, grief, anger, frustration, uncertainty, fear, anxiety and pain. There are always more questions than answers. . . . more

 Feeling stuck? - Category: Self Improvement - Success 7/17/2007
Summary: Do you feel stuck? In a relationship, in a career position, in a business, in a location, in a way of life, in a life drama or in an emotional outlook? . . . more

 Common motivation traps. - Category: Business - Management 7/17/2007
Summary: Everyone is motivated. However they aren't always motivated by the things that we would like them to be motivated by. . . . more

 Success and other illusions. - Category: Self Improvement - Success 7/17/2007
Summary: What is success for you? Even more importantly, when will you know you have achieved it? These are two critical questions, that we must have reasonable insight into as we move toward our destiny in life. . . . more

 Does your perceptual filter need a cleaning? - Category: Self Improvement - Success 7/17/2007
Summary: Why won't the people in our lives see life as we do. Because everyone sees life differently. Everyone looks through their own set of personal narrow filters. . . . more

 Problems, problems, problems. - Category: Self Improvement - Success 7/16/2007
Summary: Problems. What are they and why do we have them. Where do they come from and what can we do about them. Before we can discuss problems from an intelligent perspective let's first some basic criteria as to their nature. . . . more

 You can't manage time. - Category: Self Improvement - Time Management 7/16/2007
Summary: The idea of time management has misled millions of well meaning hard working, salespeople, managers, executives and generally everyone who is trying to get more done in less time. in a sense to "Manage Time". . . . more

 Which comes first, success or happiness? - Category: Self Improvement - Success 7/16/2007
Summary: Everyone is searching for success, happiness, fulfillment and a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. Many people unfortunately have not learned that putting the cart before the horse does not answer their dream of lasting happiness and a meaningful life. . . . more

 You are not responsible for your partner's emotions. - Category: Society - Relationships 7/16/2007
Summary: You are responsible TO your partner but not FOR him or her. You are responsible only FOR yourself and your partner is responsible for them self. What exactly does this mean? . . . more

 Creating intimacy. - Category: Society - Relationships 7/16/2007
Summary: How do you know whether you have true intimacy with your partner? Let me first give you my definition of intimacy. Most people tend to connect intimacy only with sex. . . . more

 What's in a word? - Category: Society - Relationships 7/16/2007
Summary: I was thinking the other day (No cracks from my friends please.) about the subtle differences between words that are commonly used, sometimes not used or mis-used. . . . more

 The 25 biggest mistakes salespeople make. - Category: Business - Sales 7/16/2007
Summary: Every year thousands of salespeople start of the new year with big goals and wonderful intentions. However, at the end of each year thousands of these same salespeople can be heard asking themselves, "Where did I miss the boat? What did I miss? Why was this year not much better than the previous one?" . . . more

 You get the behavior you reward. - Category: Business - Management 7/16/2007
Summary: All employee behavior is the result of a corresponding reward system or feedback mechanism. If you have behavior you don’t want, by doing or saying nothing, you send the message to this person or group that this behavior is acceptable. . . . more

 Want to sell more? Build psychological debt. - Category: Business - Sales 7/16/2007
Summary: If you had one single technique for ensuring that people would buy from you again and again, or that your boss would promote you . . . . . . more

 How sales pros distance themselves from the competition. - Category: Business - Sales 7/16/2007
Summary: Poor salespeople are on the defensive today. They are reducing prices, giving away extras, allowing prospects to erode margins and generally losing control of the sales process. On the other hand professional salespeople are on the offensive. . . . more

 Life is short - Category: Self Improvement - Motivation 7/16/2007
Summary: Life is short. How many times have you heard that from a friend, loved one or total stranger? How many times have you said it? I’ll bet, regardless of whether you have heard it or said it, that you didn’t spend much time contemplating the words or the true meaning behind the message. . . . more

 Master this technique and you can't fail in sales - Category: Business - Sales 7/16/2007
Summary: If you were able to get an appointment with the president of an organization that was a potential customer who could give you more business in one sale than all of your other customers combined and when you sat down in front of their desk they said to you . . . more

 Turn your stress into success - Category: Self Improvement - Self Esteem 7/16/2007
Summary: Stress is not a new concept. It has been around for thousands if not millions of years. But modern man faces numerous stressors that our caveman relatives never had to worry about. . . . more

 A simple success question - Category: Self Improvement - Success 7/16/2007
Summary: During the past 500 years there have been at least one hundred thousand books published on some aspect of success, wealth, and happiness. Now, tell me if you think that in your lifetime you can read a mere ten percent of them . . . more

 Don't quit too soon. - Category: Self Improvement - Success 7/16/2007
Summary: You would be amazed at how many people quit just before they are about to achieve the success they have been working toward so diligently and for so long. They just get tired of waiting, trying or dreaming and give up. Why is this? . . . more

 Are you an optimist or a pessimist? - Category: Self Improvement - Motivation 7/16/2007
Summary: Is the glass half full or half empty? Will this product, policy, strategy work or fail? Can I really achieve my dreams or am I living in fantasy-land? . . . more

 12 Things every sales superstar knows. - Category: Business - Sales 7/16/2007
Summary: There are only three ways to sell more. Do more right. Do less wrong. Or, do both. Every sales super star knows that there are many skills and attitudes that contribute to their success, but there are twelve critical attributes that the sales super stars have integrated into their overall sales strategy. . . . more

 Success is a choice. - Category: Self Improvement - Success 7/16/2007
Summary: Achieving sustained success is not all that complicated, unless we choose to make it so. Success is truly a choice. . . . more

 Are you selling at the right level? - Category: Business - Sales 7/16/2007
Summary: One of the common mistakes salespeople make is they fail to recognize at what level they should be selling their products or services. There are 5 possible sales levels where you can direct your energy, time and talent in the sales process. They are selling at: . . . more

 Can you handle a few tough questions? - Category: Business - Management 7/16/2007
Summary: If I could ask you ten questions, the correct answers to which would ensure your growth, increased sales, and profits this year would you take the time to ask them of yourself? . . . more

 Are you a procrastinator? - Category: Self Improvement - Success 7/16/2007
Summary: Why do people procrastinate? Is it their fear of the unknown? Could it be acceptance of the status quo even though their current circumstances are less than desirable or do these people just have too much on their plate? For every procrastinated decision, action or behavior change there are any number of perceived legitimate reasons as well as excuses that people give themselves to justify their lack of action. . . . more

 Why do men give women so many bad gifts? - Category: Society - Relationships 7/16/2007
Summary: Every day millions of women receive dumb gifts from the male gender that lack creativity, thoughtfulness or indicate a total lack of knowledge about what women want, like or need. . . . more

 How to support not sabotage employee performance - Category: Business - Management 7/16/2007
Summary: Many managers and executives sabotage employee performance systematically and regularly. Why would they consciously or unconsciously sabotage organization success with this destructive management style? Change can be either a curse or a blessing. Most people fear, dislike and resist any change that they perceive threatens their security, future success or well being. . . . more

 Life outlook and relationship success - Category: Society - Relationships 7/16/2007
Summary: Some people are naturally optimistic and positive, while others are the opposite. When two people in a relationship have opposing life outlooks, it is often difficult for one to convince the other that his way is better, right, or makes more sense then his partner’s. As a result, the positive person will always see the glass as half full and will take that attitude into most life circumstances. The more negative partner will view the glass as half empty and let that influence his attitudes accordingly. . . . more