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    Author Bio for Tim Bryce

Tim Bryce is a writer and management consultant located in Palm Harbor, Florida.

He can be contacted at:  timb001@phmainstreet.com

Copyright © 2013 Tim Bryce.  All rights reserved.

 American Inventions - Category: Society - Opinion 5/14/2014
Summary: How technology changed the country and the world. . . . more

 Across the Generational Divide - Category: Society - People 2/3/2014
Summary: The Baby Boomers versus the Millennials, and beyond. . . . more

 What is Freemasonry? - Category: Society - Men 1/21/2014
Summary: In the many years I have been a member, I have always found it fascinating how people perceive the institution of Freemasonry. Some say it is a club, others see it as a philanthropy, but very few seem to understand the concept of fraternity. Further, when we investigate candidates for membership, we normally ask what they are looking for, but rarely do people comprehend precisely what they are joining. . . . more

 The Bond Between Workers and Boss - Category: Business - Management 10/14/2013
Summary: To build trust, begin by considering the perceptions of both parties. . . . more

 A Simpler Time - Category: Society - People 9/9/2013
Summary: Were the good old days really better? And are we making things more complicated than necessary? . . . more

 Our Smartphone Addiction - Category: Communications - Mobile Cell Phones 9/3/2013
Summary: How early children are being weened on technology, and how this will affect society. . . . more

 The Meaning of "This Town" - Category: News - Journalism 9/3/2013
Summary: A Review of Mark Leibovich's new book, "This Town." The incestuous relationships existing in Washington, DC. . . . more

 Who Killed the PC? - Category: Computers - Personal 8/28/2013
Summary: It certainly wasn't me. Reports of its death a bit premature. . . . more

 Five Easy Lessons for System Design - Category: Business - Management 8/28/2013
Summary: I never really understood the hubbub associated with system design. People tend to look upon it as a complicated process. Actually it's not, yet the corporate landscape is littered with disastrous system projects costing millions of dollars, all because developers overlooked some rather simple principles for design and focused on technology instead. There are five easy lessons which can greatly expedite the development of any information system. . . . more

 Take another look at Common Core - Category: Reference - Education 8/12/2013
Summary: Next time you hear "Common Core" in a conversation; pay attention! . . . more

 Personal Peccadilloes - Category: Home and Family - Holidays 8/7/2013
Summary: Why we behave the way we do under close quarters. . . . more

 Print On-Demand - Very Cool - Category: Internet and Business Online - Ezine Publishing 8/2/2013
Summary: I know eBooks have made substantial gains in terms of popularity, but having a hard copy can still be very beneficial. There are many people who like the touch and feel of paper versions. In the past, if you were an author, you had to sign a contract with a suitable printer or publisher who could put it all together for you. . . . more

 When "UP" Is Not The Only Way - Category: Society - Opinion 8/2/2013
Summary: What direction are we headed, "Up" or "Down"? If you listen to members of the "Greatest Generation," those surviving the Great Depression and beyond, you hear stories of hunger, unemployment, desperation, sacrifice, and austerity. It was a point in our history when the middle class hit rock bottom. If you talk to people from this era though, they will also describe a time when the family pulled together and worked unselfishly to make ends meet. . . . more

 Grocery Shopping is Changing - Category: Home and Family - Food and Drink 7/8/2013
Summary: Another instance of how technology is altering our lives. Amazon has some interesting plans on the table. . . . more

 Heated Political Debates - Category: Society - Politics 7/8/2013
Summary: If you think political fighting is bad now, you don't know your history. Yesteryear's politics makes today's seem mild by comparison. . . . more

 Billy Mitchell - The Original Whistle Blower - Category: Society - Politics 7/8/2013
Summary: What we can learn from a famous whistle blower from yesteryear. And how it applies to Edward Snowden today. . . . more

 American History 101 - Category: Reference - Education 7/1/2013
Summary: "We are raising a generation that is historically illiterate..." - David McCullough . . . more

 The Millennials - Category: Business - Employment 7/1/2013
Summary: Can they really save America? If you haven’t already noticed, corporate marketing efforts are taking aim at the Millennials, those between the ages of early 20′s to 30. This group, which is also known as “Generation Y”, has surpassed the Baby Boomers and “Generation X” (early 30′s to 40′s), for marketing attention. . . . more

 Things We Never Throw Away - Category: Home and Family - Self Improvement 6/25/2013
Summary: Not the important stuff, the inconsequential items. Does anyone need a coffee can or cigar box? . . . more

 Snapped - Category: Society - Opinion 6/25/2013
Summary: That's it; enough is enough; leave me alone! . . . more

 High School Graduation - Where do I go from Here? - Category: Home and Family - Self Improvement 6/19/2013
Summary: Time to do some soul searching. . . . more

 How Information Affects Micromanagement - Category: Business - Management 4/1/2013
Summary: Information requirements gives us insight as to why people micromanage. . . . more

 The Evolution of the Business Card - Category: Business - Management 3/22/2013
Summary: From simple calling cards, to advertising, to pins. . . . more

 Catching a Cold - Category: Health - Medicine 3/22/2013
Summary: You can run, but you cannot hide from the beast. . . . more

 The Death of Professional Courtesy - Category: Business - Management 3/18/2013
Summary: What ever happened to "The Golden Rule"? Good question. Is it disappearing from offices? . . . more

 Long Live the Fax Machine - Category: Business - Small Business 3/11/2013
Summary: Why +830,000 physicians rely on this aging technology. . . . more

 Liberal vs. Conservative Personalities - Category: Society - Politics 3/4/2013
Summary: Are liberals smarter or is it a matter of different wiring? . . . more

 Dealing With Petty Politics - Category: Business - Management 2/15/2013
Summary: Some alternatives to kissing someone's ring. . . . more

 What Are You Keeping That For? - Category: Home and Family - Home Improvement 2/15/2013
Summary: Good question. Perhaps it is time to clean house and eliminate the flotsam and jetsam. . . . more

 Motivating Employees - Category: Business - Management 2/4/2013
Summary: Some ideas on how to motivate your workers. And, No, one size does not fit all. . . . more

 Lessons of Leadership - Category: Business - Management 1/28/2013
Summary: Two published biographies, about Churchill & Jackson, can teach us some important lessons regarding leadership. . . . more

 Conducting Business within the Laws, Rules and Regulations - Category: Society - Politics 1/15/2013
Summary: 68 new regulations are introduced on a daily basis (that's more than 25K each year). . . . more

 American Moral Dilemmas - Category: Society - Politics 1/7/2013
Summary: As we begin a new year, the American people find themselves wrestling with essentially the same issues we've been addressing for the last few decades. This is not so much a matter of politics, which is nothing more than a means to an end, but rather a sense of what is right and wrong. . . . more

 Jurassic Driving in Florida - Category: Society - Humor 1/7/2013
Summary: Over the years I have been involved with three automobile accidents. Fortunately, none were my fault but I was still a victim nevertheless. They all had one thing in common - the elderly. . . . more

 What is Business? - Category: Business - Entrepreneurialism 12/14/2012
Summary: Sounds like an innocent question, but do we have a consensus understanding? A student put me on the spot to ask some questions from the heart. . . . more

 The Remington Rand Adding Machine, Model 41013-10 - Category: Business - Productivity 12/7/2012
Summary: They don't make office equipment like this anymore. When we started our company back in 1971, we needed some basic office equipment, such as filing cabinets, typewriters, etc. Unlike today, there were no personal computers or smart phones. . . . more

 Operating on Autopilot - Category: Business - Management 12/7/2012
Summary: What happens when we fall into a rut. I am always surprised by the vast majority of people who are content operating in an autopilot mode; you know what I mean, people who are more content following the tedium of routine as opposed to thinking for themselves. . . . more

 The Return of the Snowbirds - Category: Home and Family - Holidays 11/26/2012
Summary: It's that time of the year again. The annual migratory of our northern friends to Florida. . . . more

 Welcome to December - Category: Home and Family - Holidays 11/26/2012
Summary: Tis the season for "Bah" and Humbug"! Contrary to popular opinion, December is not one of my favorite months. . . . more

 The Inner Beauty of Women - Category: Society - People 11/26/2012
Summary: Which can be more alluring than just physical beauty. Going beyond physical beauty. . . . more

 The Disparity Between Capitalism and Socialism - Category: Society - Politics 11/26/2012
Summary: Do young people know the difference between the two? Interestingly, young people are brainwashed into believing it is nothing more than "greed." . . . more

 Making Book On Your Investments - Category: Finance - Stocks and Bonds 11/26/2012
Summary: Some fundamental lessons on managing your portfolio. First lesson: "Misery loves company." . . . more

 The Wisdom of Dobie Gillis - Category: Home and Family - Parenting 11/14/2012
Summary: A subtle yet simple suggestion for improving life. . . . more

 In Praise of Sophia Loren - Category: Society - People 11/2/2012
Summary: Why we still find her attractive at age 78. . . . more

 Where Does Your Time Go? - Category: Self Improvement - Time Management 10/24/2012
Summary: How it adds up, and you may very well be surprised. . . . more

 The Lessons of a Little League Coach - Category: Home and Family - Parenting 10/8/2012
Summary: How one coach taught America's pastime to young players. . . . more

 Are We Striving for Perfection? - Category: Business - Management 10/8/2012
Summary: Or are we just maintaining the status quo in our work? . . . more

 Why Do Opposites Attract? - Category: Home and Family - Marriage 9/21/2012
Summary: Good question and something that has puzzled us from time immemorial. . . . more

 Welcome to Freedomville - Category: Home and Family - Parenting 9/21/2012
Summary: A children's bedtime story teaching the lessons of capitalism, charity, and fairness. It sure beats "Red Fish, Blue Fish..." . . . more

 Talking to the Animals - Category: Society - People 9/21/2012
Summary: The death of discourse, another casualty of the 21st century. . . . more

 Explaining the Queen City - Category: Society - People 8/24/2012
Summary: On the banks of the Ohio River: Cincinnati, the "Queen." . . . more

 Fly Fishing in Western North Carolina - Category: Sports - Fishing 8/21/2012
Summary: Beware of hatchery fed trout. . . . more

 The Good Neighbor - Category: Society - Relationships 8/15/2012
Summary: The joy and benefits of a little cooperation. . . . more

 The Facts About: UNEMPLOYMENT - Category: Society - Politics 8/7/2012
Summary: Don't trust the media, here's how to look it up yourself. . . . more

 Tim's Travel Planning Checklist - Category: Recreation - Travel 8/3/2012
Summary: These suggestions will hopefully simplify your trip and make it more enjoyable. I have listed my suggestions in alphabetic order. Don't leave home without it. . . . more

 Rebuilding the Middle Class - Category: Society - Opinion 7/2/2012
Summary: Two distinctly approaches for putting the country back to work. . . . more

 Producing Newsletters - Beware of the Birdcage - Category: Business - Writing and Speaking 7/2/2012
Summary: As I have been involved with a variety of nonprofit organizations over the years, I am often saddled with the task of producing the group's newsletter. Maybe it's because I know how to string a few words together and have worked with computers for more years than I care to remember. Nonetheless, I have probably produced over a thousand newsletters over the years for management groups, technology associations, homeowner groups, and fraternal organizations. . . . more

 Losing It - Category: Home and Family - Self Improvement 7/2/2012
Summary: And the private hell you go through "finding it." . . . more

 Thinning the Herd - Category: Society - People 6/14/2012
Summary: Are accidents truly accidental or a matter of “natural selection”? . . . more

 Understanding the Pretrial System in Law Enforcement - Category: Society - Politics 6/14/2012
Summary: How two neighboring Tampa Bay counties offer distinctly different approaches for processing accused criminals. . . . more

 The Joy of Shaving - Category: Health - Skin Care 6/8/2012
Summary: The burden of grooming one's face repetitively. . . . more

 Ten Things the Federal Government Does Well - Category: Society - Politics 6/8/2012
Summary: I had trouble thinking of just one. How about you? . . . more

 Eulogy for a Friend - Category: Society - Death 6/8/2012
Summary: Writing it is one thing, delivering it is something else. . . . more

 Mall Madness - Category: Shopping - General Merchandise 5/31/2012
Summary: Are they designed for men or women (or both?) . . . more

 System Startups: A Hospital Drama - Category: Business - Management 5/31/2012
Summary: A lesson in how NOT to install a system. . . . more

 Just Say "No"...to Business? - Category: Business - Management 5/31/2012
Summary: Is the customer always right? . . . more

 What's the big deal with Voter Identity Cards? - Category: Society - Politics 5/24/2012
Summary: tim bryce, the bryce is right, palm habor, florida, voter identity cards . . . more

 So, what are our Presidential Choices? - Category: Society - Politics 5/16/2012
Summary: How the presidential race is shaping up for 2012. . . . more

 The Emperor's New Clothes - the 2012 Edition - Category: Society - Politics 5/16/2012
Summary: - with apologies to Hans Christian Andersen. . . . more

 Dancing Shrimp - Category: Society - Relationships 5/10/2012
Summary: Just another Japanese fish story and how it affects customer relationships. . . . more

 Picking a Vice Presidential Candidate - Category: Society - Politics 5/10/2012
Summary: Picking a Vice Presidential contender is a lot more difficult than you might imagine. . . . more

 Some Monotonous Work: Just What the Doctor Ordered - Category: Business - Working with Passion 5/4/2012
Summary: The therapeutic effects of collating and punching paper. . . . more

 Is America Still Great? - Category: Society - Politics 5/4/2012
Summary: Or are we on the verge of becoming irrelevant? . . . more

 The Power of "Good Morning" - Category: Business - Writing and Speaking 5/4/2012
Summary: It's much stronger than you think. . . . more

 Understanding Political Brainwashing - Category: Society - Politics 5/2/2012
Summary: How mind control is implemented in America. . . . more

 Why Japan Dropped Their Tax Rate - Category: Society - Politics 4/30/2012
Summary: Why are the tax rates of other countries going down, but not the United States? . . . more

 A Tribute to Typewriters - Category: Society - Opinion 4/27/2012
Summary: In praise of the look, feel, and smell of a typed letter. . . . more

 The Long Hot Summer of 2012 - Category: Society - Opinion 4/18/2012
Summary: A perfect storm for violence? . . . more

 "Mad" Management - Category: Business - Management 4/16/2012
Summary: Some management lessons from 1961. . . . more

 The Health Nazis - "No Soup Kitchens for You!" - Category: Society - Opinion 4/13/2012
Summary: Oh, oh, look out, government bureaucrats are at it again. . . . more

 Jumping to Conclusions - Category: Society - Relationships 4/9/2012
Summary: How the Internet has altered the way we argue. . . . more

 High Tech Pickpockets - Category: Society - Opinion 4/9/2012
Summary: Keeping your hand on your wallet will not help either. . . . more

 The Classof 1954 - Category: Society - People 4/6/2012
Summary: - and the effect we had on society. . . . more

 Intuitiveness, The Sixth Sense - Category: Business - Management 4/2/2012
Summary: Some recognition for the Radar O'Reillys of the world. . . . more

 Games We Played as Kids - Category: Home and Family - Parenting 3/30/2012
Summary: Does anybody remember "Red Rover"? . . . more

 How Do We Teach Responsibility? - Category: Home and Family - Parenting 3/26/2012
Summary: By "cause and effect" or "pride of ownership"? . . . more

 Is Business Inherently Evil? - Category: Society - Politics 3/19/2012
Summary: If you listen to the "Occupy" movement, they would have you believe American business is greedy, corrupt, and inherently evil. The president is also sending subliminal signals that business isn't to be trusted and does not pay its "fair share." No wonder the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is at odds with the administration. . . . more

 The Art of Thank Yoiu - Category: Home and Family - Parenting 3/19/2012
Summary: Just when you have about given up on the younger generation, something happens which restores your faith in them. It’s rare, but it happens. Such was the case recently when I met with a young man, about 28 years of age, who asked my advice on some business related issue. . . . more

 Voter Perceptions: Separating Fact from Fiction - Category: Society - Politics 3/14/2012
Summary: Winning in November depends on capturing "mind share." . . . more

 Who is Bearing the Load? - Category: Society - Politics 3/14/2012
Summary: A tip of the hat to the entrepreneurs left in this country. We often tout America as "the land of opportunity" but I started to wonder how many people truly work for a commercial business, be it large or small. You know, the real people responsible for the Gross Domestic Product, our exports, and our quality of life. When you think about it, these are the people who support everyone else, not just in terms of the lion's share of taxes, . . . more

 Eric Holder vs. the Bail Bond Industry - Category: Society - Politics 2/28/2012
Summary: A subtle but overt attack on the free enterprise system. . . . more

 Social Media - How Much Are We Revealing? - Category: Home and Family - Parenting 2/23/2012
Summary: Don't spill your guts; the wrong people may be watching. . . . more

 Adventures in Information Systems - Category: Computers - Software 2/21/2012
Summary: When you have been in the systems business for as long as I have, you have been afforded the opportunity to see a lot of things. I’ve been fortunate to meet many interesting people with some rather forward-thinking business ideas, but I have also met more than my fair share of deadheads. When you witness several system snafus, you learn to appreciate those systems that were successful and made a dramatic impact on business. Here are a few such stories from my travels. . . . more

 The Two Sides of Work Measurement: Inputs & Outputs - Category: Business - Management 2/20/2012
Summary: Some tips for studying the use of time in business. . . . more

 The Importance of Recognition - Category: Business - Management 2/14/2012
Summary: As human beings, we all crave some degree of recognition, some more than others. Entertainers gorge on it in a frenzy of media events, but most professions do not have such awards. Some people, who have confidence in their abilities, do not need such recognition and even avoid it, but many of us do, particularly in business where a kind word is rarely offered by anyone, including the boss. We may be quick to criticize, but we tend to be rather lethargic when it comes to issuing a compliment. . . . more

 Turning Everyone into Data Entry Clerks - Category: Society - Politics 2/13/2012
Summary: Last year you may recall me discussing the current effort by the government to create electronic medical records by physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers (see “My Dinner with the Doctor”). In a nutshell, the government is blackmailing doctors into automating all of their medical records. As a follow-up, I recently discussed this effort with my doctor friend to see how he was progressing, and a senior hospital administrator I also happen to know. Both claimed the effort was a nightmare and their time was being monopolized converting old records into an electronic format. . . . more

 Fun with Hair Blowers - Category: Society - Humor 2/9/2012
Summary: How to kill a few birds with one stone. . . . more

 Florida in Winter Time - Category: Society - Humor 2/1/2012
Summary: Yes, there is a change of seasons; it's subtle, but it's there. . . . more

 The Office Shrink - Who fulfills the role in your organization? - Category: Business - Management 1/30/2012
Summary: Are there any Industrial-Organizational Psychologists out there anymore? After looking over the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the numbers don't look very promising. Pity; It's a useful profession aimed at studying human behavior in relation to the work environment and making recommendations for improving productivity. I'm afraid the position has diminished and defaulted to individual managers who are not properly trained to be office shrinks. . . . more

 What if the South had won the War? - Category: Society - Politics 12/21/2011
Summary: For a moment, let’s imagine the South had won the Civil War; that Pickett’s Charge had been successful in breaking the Union Lines at Cemetery Ridge in Gettysburg; that Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia had crushed and crippled Union forces. He would have then be freed to sweep down through Philadelphia, Baltimore, to capture the Capitol in Washington, DC. What would our world be like today? . . . more

 Transition of Power - Category: Business - Management 8/24/2011
Summary: I have been actively involved with a wide variety of nonprofit volunteer organizations over the years, everything from professional trade groups, to local sports organizations, homeowner associations, and fraternal/civic organizations. There is one common denominator shared by such groups, namely, membership is dwindling. The idea of participating in a volunteer organization appears to be a foreign concept to young people. They are simply not joining in the numbers they did years ago. I’m not sure why this is, perhaps it is caused by time constraints or maybe just simple apathy. Consequently, such groups are either closing their doors or making do with less, much less. . . . more

 Embracing Complexity - Category: Business - Management 8/24/2011
Summary: For years in my youth, I was the “go to” guy for operating the family’s technical equipment, be it tape recorders, record players, or even our Super 8 movie projector. As I grew older, I eventually relinquished my title to my son who is adept at setting up our High Def TV, cable box, DVD/VHS player, cell/smart phones, and other such devices. It was only when I realized we were as dependent on my son, as my family was on me years ago, that I began to ask why. . . . more

 Pseudo-Scintific Management - Category: Business - Management 8/24/2011
Summary: Lately I seem to be receiving more than my fair share of e-mails. Among the spam I get daily, I can always count on some flyers on various management related workshops. Lately I have been studying these flyers more closely. It has been my observation the courses being offered seem to lack substance and tend to rely on facade. They seem to dance around the issues and, instead, offer classes aimed at making students feel good about themselves or how to be more politically correct. Even worse, they tend to offer some crackpot theory of management under the guise of being scientific, thereby trying to make them fashionable. . . . more

 Training Mules - Category: Business - Management 8/24/2011
Summary: I use the term “mule” to refer to a person who stubbornly refuses to participate in a course for a variety of reasons, mostly arrogance. . . . more

 Why Business Leaders Scare People - Category: Society - Politics 6/22/2011
Summary: When it looked like Donald Trump was going to throw his hat into the presidential ring not long ago, it electrified everyone including his supporters, opponents, and the Main Street Media. His blunt talk was refreshing to his supporters and scared the hell out of everyone else. However, his is not so much about Trump as it is about any business leader who would want to be taken seriously on the political stage. . . . more

 In Praise of Mentoring Programs - Category: Business - Employment 6/22/2011
Summary: Mentoring has been a part of the corporate world for many years. When a young person came on board, someone would be assigned to him/her to offer advice. Not just anyone could be a mentor either, they had to demonstrate knowledge and skills for a specific line of work. Most enjoyed being a mentor as they saw it as a sort of “Big Brother/Sister. . . . more

 Another Mega-System Disaster - Category: Business - Management 6/14/2011
Summary: System snafus are not unusual, but instead of running in the millions, they're now into the billions, and we, as taxpayers, should be very nervous. File this under "What went Wrong?" . . . more

 Dealing with Advice - Category: Self Improvement - Coaching 6/14/2011
Summary: Some important tips for young people entering the work force. . . . more

 Suck-Up 101 - Category: Business - Management 6/9/2011
Summary: During our lifetime, we inevitably run into some rather unsavory characters who will wrong, cheat or defraud us. Maybe even worse are people who survive not because they are industrious, but because they are intuitively political. . . . more

 Staying On Top of Things - Category: Business - Management 6/9/2011
Summary: To stay ahead, we have to switch from reactive news to proactive. . . . more

 The Power of Appreciation - Category: Business - Management 6/9/2011
Summary: You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. . . . more

 The Five Word Conversation - Category: Communications - Mobile Cell Phones 5/25/2011
Summary: How technology is affecting our interpersonal communications skills. . . . more

 Your Management Style - Category: Business - Management 5/25/2011
Summary: It's not about numbers. It's not about technology. It's about people. . . . more

 What Inspires Us? - Category: Self Improvement - Inspirational 5/25/2011
Summary: Actually, the answer is rather obvious. It's not a "what". it's a "who." . . . more

 Checking Out the Checkout - Category: Business - Sales 5/25/2011
Summary: A look back to the simplicity and beauty of the checkout counter. . . . more

 Recording Minutes - simple but important - Category: Business - Management 5/9/2011
Summary: It is not really as complicated as you might imagine. . . . more

 Discipline is not Evil - Category: Home and Family - Parenting 2/21/2011
Summary: In fact, it can produce some remarkable results. . . . more

 Watching the Clock - Category: Business - Management 2/16/2011
Summary: Do we watch the clock or the work product we're producing? . . . more

 Elder Transition - Category: Business - Management 2/14/2011
Summary: What happens when you turn around and suddenly find yourself in charge. . . . more

 Is the Tail wagging the Dog? - Category: Business - Management 2/8/2011
Summary: Do we have enough Systems Analysts or too many programmers? . . . more

 High-Speed Rail: Make Work Projects? - Category: Society - Politics 2/7/2011
Summary: It may be good for today, but what about tomorrow? . . . more

 Is the Tea Party losing momentum? - Category: Society - Politics 2/1/2011
Summary: Have they gone home or are they plotting their next move? . . . more

 Instant Karma's Gonna Get You - Category: Computers - Personal 1/31/2011
Summary: The effect of technology on our stress levels. . . . more

 Jury Duty: A Necessary Evil - Category: Society - Opinion 1/27/2011
Summary: Why we hate to be called for duty. . . . more

 Insubordination - Category: Business - Employment 1/27/2011
Summary: When to remain loyal to the boss and when not to. . . . more

 George W. Bush as Manager-In-Chief - Category: Business - Management 1/11/2011
Summary: Book Review, "Decision Points" - What the former president can teach us from a management perspective. . . . more

 Loud and Clear - Category: Business - Management 1/10/2011
Summary: The need for honest criticism. . . . more

 Cultural Assimilation - Category: Business - Management 1/3/2011
Summary: Learning the perils of adapting to the corporate culture. . . . more

 Enterprise Engineering - Category: Business - Management 11/16/2010
Summary: Describing two techniques used for modeling a business and determining its priorities. . . . more

 Methodology Madness - Category: Computers - Software 10/25/2010
Summary: Do people really understand what they are talking about? . . . more

 Where is Islam Growing? - Category: Society - Religion and Spirituality 8/24/2010
Summary: Everywhere, particularly the United States. . . . more

 Whi I Hate Computers - Category: Computers - Software 8/23/2010
Summary: The cat's out of the bag. . . . more

 Younger Seniors - Category: Business - Management 8/20/2010
Summary: An oxymoron or a sign of the changing times? . . . more

 True Systems Analysis? - Category: Business - Management 8/18/2010
Summary: Most analysts today, unfortunately, are just glorified programmers. . . . more

 The Dangers of making a Referral - Category: Business - Employment 8/17/2010
Summary: Better read this before recommending someone. . . . more

 The Three Tenets of Management - Category: Business - Management 8/11/2010
Summary: Is anyone managing anymore? . . . more

 Education as a Weapon - Category: Society - Opinion 8/9/2010
Summary: A weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed. . . . more

 The Depression of 2010 - Category: Society - Politics 8/5/2010
Summary: Please, stop telling us everything is okay; it's insulting. . . . more

 Why We Need a Middle Class - Category: Society - Politics 8/4/2010
Summary: Our economic engine and greatest export. . . . more

 The Changing Times We Live In - Category: Society - Opinion 4/6/2010
Summary: Why it is "all up to us" to change and adapt. . . . more

 Today's War on Terror - Category: Society - Military 4/6/2010
Summary: This is definitely NOT like your father's war. . . . more

 Baseball - The Love of the Game - Category: Sports - Baseball 4/6/2010
Summary: Why the game of baseball appeals to us. . . . more

 Cigars 101 - It's Personal - Category: Shopping - General Merchandise 4/6/2010
Summary: The joy of cigars. . . . more

 A New American Civil War - Category: Society - Politics 3/24/2010
Summary: Is history about to repeat itself? . . . more

 The American Character - Category: Society - Politics 3/15/2010
Summary: How we, as Americans, are perceived has changed. . . . more

 The Tower of Babel Effect - Category: Computers - Software 2/22/2010
Summary: Why I.T. developers speak in strange tongues. . . . more

 Tell them what you Need, not what you Want - Category: Computers - Software 2/15/2010
Summary: The doctor/patient relationship for specifying requirements. . . . more

 Old School versus New School - Category: Society - Opinion 2/12/2010
Summary: The differences between the two. . . . more

 Fly Fishing at St. Timothy's - Category: Sports - Fishing 2/10/2010
Summary: Most of the problems of the world can be solved with just a little fly fishing. . . . more

 Project Audits - Category: Business - Management 1/19/2010
Summary: A necessary evil? . . . more

 System Misconceptions - Category: Business - Management 12/8/2009
Summary: What it is not. . . . more

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 Differences between East and West - Category: Business - Management 11/24/2009
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 Why Project Management Fails - Category: Business - Management 10/21/2009
Summary: Four reasons why project management breaks down. . . . more

 The Problem with "Man Hours" - Category: Business - Management 9/16/2009
Summary: I've never been comfortable with the concept of "Man Hours," not that it's a gender issue, but rather it implies ignorance of how time is used in the work place and fumbles away some simple management concepts needed to run any business, namely accountability and commitment. Actually, I thought the "Man Hour" concept disappeared with the passing of the 20th century, but it appears to be making a comeback. . . . more

 Humor in the Work Place - Category: Business - Management 8/31/2009
Summary: When and how humor should be injected in the work place. . . . more

 Software Versions and Releases - Category: Computers - Software 8/31/2009
Summary: Are the words synonymous? Can they be used interchangeably? . . . more

 Challenging the Status Quo - Category: Business - Management 8/28/2009
Summary: Stagnation is not an option. . . . more

 Information Systems Theory 101 - Category: Computers - Software 8/13/2009
Summary: Provides a conceptual foundation for all Information Systems work. . . . more

 Remembering Names - Category: Business - Management 7/27/2009
Summary: The importance of remembering names. It's just good business. . . . more

 Credit Scores - Category: Finance - Credit 7/27/2009
Summary: Whether we like it or not, our lives are greatly impacted by our financial credit scores. If you have a good credit rating, lending institutions are more than happy to loan you the money to buy a house, a boat, a car, help you start a business venture, or whatever. If you have a bad rating, you're basically stuck in Nowheresville. . . . more

 Big Fish in Small Ponds - Category: Society - Relationships 7/27/2009
Summary: Why do they find it necessary to live among people they admittedly consider their inferiors? . . . more

 Herd Management - Category: Business - Management 7/27/2009
Summary: You won't find this taught in the college business schools. . . . more

 Alaska - our 49th on their 50th - Category: Recreation - Travel 7/20/2009
Summary: A visit to our 49th state on their 50th anniversary. . . . more

 Cruising - Category: Home and Family - Holidays 7/20/2009
Summary: A current assessment of the luxury lines. . . . more

 Our Changing Vernacular - Category: Society - Opinion 7/20/2009
Summary: How our society evolves through words and names. . . . more

 Why America Succeeds - Category: Society - Politics 7/20/2009
Summary: Is it by accident or by design? . . . more

 The Absence of Electronics - Category: Business - Productivity 6/2/2009
Summary: "Imagine no cell phones, it's easy if you try, no PC's or TV's, above us, only sky. Imagine all the people, living life in peace." . . . more

 The Price of Ethics - Category: Business - Management 6/2/2009
Summary: Describes the cost of ethical behavior, along with Tim's crash course in ethics. . . . more

 How we are Judged - Category: Business - Management 6/2/2009
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 The Problems with Resume Writing - Category: Business - Writing and Speaking 2/11/2009
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 Social Networking Tools - Category: Business - Networking 2/11/2009
Summary: Social Networking Tools are nice, but there is nothing better than the human touch. . . . more

 Procrastination - Category: Business - Management 2/11/2009
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 Some Lessons on Home - Category: Home and Family - Marriage 2/11/2009
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 MANAGING A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION - Category: Business - Management 1/5/2009
Summary: Managing a nonprofit organization is not exactly rocket science, but can be fouled up through simple incompetence, regardless of the best of intentions. Here are ten simple tips for managing such organizations. . . . more

 MATRIMONIAL TERRITORIALISM - Category: Home and Family - Marriage 10/29/2008
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Summary: Describes the problems of "flexible management." . . . more

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Summary: What to do when you strike a seemingly impossible problem to solve. . . . more

 WHAT YOUNG PEOPLE WANT & NEED - Category: Business - Management 5/15/2008
Summary: Discusses "parenting management" and how young people actually yearn for such things as accountability, organization, and discipline. . . . more

 WHY WE RESIST PLANNING - Category: Business - Management 5/7/2008
Summary: Discusses the reasons why people have an aversion to planning. . . . more

 PERSONAL INTRODUCTIONS - Category: Business - Management 5/2/2008
Summary: Is the art of business introductions deteriorating? . . . more

 WHY I.T. STANDARDS FAIL - Category: Computers - Software 4/30/2008
Summary: Reviews the reasons why I.T. standards fail. . . . more

 CHANGE: WHAT LIES AHEAD? - Category: Business - Management 4/24/2008
Summary: Discusses the three agents of change facing us in the years ahead. . . . more

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Summary: Does anyone see the big picture anymore? . . . more

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Summary: Discusses the use of worker time and how it impacts estimating and scheduling in Project Management. . . . more

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 ESTIMATING BY PERCENTAGES - Category: Computers - Software 3/6/2008
Summary: Discusses the fallacy of project estimating by percentages of phase development. . . . more

 JUNK FAXES - Category: Business - Management 2/28/2008
Summary: Discusses the problem of unsolicited fax messages received. . . . more

 CRAFTSMANSHIP IN BUSINESS SYSTEMS ANALYSIS - Category: Computers - Software 2/26/2008
Summary: Discusses how craftsmanship applies specifically to Business Systems Analysis. . . . more

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Summary: Discusses the different interpretations of system and software specifications. . . . more

 STRESS - Category: Home and Family - Self Improvement 2/19/2008
Summary: Is stress a natural part of life or something we impose on ourselves? . . . more

 GENERATION GAP - Category: Business - Management 2/15/2008
Summary: Discusses the benefits of a little organization and discipline. . . . more

 SHAPETH UP AND GET THINE ACT TOGETHER - Category: Business - Management 2/14/2008
Summary: Discusses the benefits of being organized. . . . more

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Summary: Is IBM still a viable force in the I.T. Industry? . . . more

 RECORDING YOUR TIME - Category: Business - Management 2/8/2008
Summary: Discusses why people resist keeping track of their time. . . . more

 FINDING A GOOD MECHANIC - Category: Home and Family - Automotive 2/5/2008
Summary: A good mechanic is worth his weight in gold. . . . more

 OFFICE CLUTTER - Category: Business - Management 2/1/2008
Summary: Do we have too much clutter in the office? Does it affect productivity? . . . more

 WRITING A PRESS RELEASE - Category: Business - Marketing and Advertising 1/29/2008
Summary: Describes the steps involved with planning, writing, and distributing a press release. . . . more

 BUREAUCRATS - Category: Business - Productivity 1/25/2008
Summary: Do civil servants serve us or do we serve them? . . . more

 CRAFTSMANSHIP: its Cultural and Managerial Implications - Category: Business - Management 1/24/2008
Summary: Discusses the state of craftsmanship and what is needed to do revive it. . . . more

 STANDARD SYSTEM STRUCTURE - Category: Computers - Software 1/18/2008
Summary: Proposes a standard model of Information Systems for use in design and development. . . . more

 OFFICE TEMPERATURE - Category: Business - Management 1/18/2008
Summary: My "Pet Peeve of the Week" is "OFFICE TEMPERATURE" - hot or cold; what do you prefer? . . . more

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 $3 WORDS - Category: Business - Management 1/11/2008
Summary: Discusses why some people want to use a verbose vocabulary. . . . more

 PROACTIVE VS. REACTIVE MANAGEMENT - Category: Business - Management 1/4/2008
Summary: Compares and contrasts two different styles of management. . . . more

 CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS - Category: Business - Marketing and Advertising 12/29/2007
Summary: Discusses celebrity endorsements - do we really pay attention to them? . . . more

 SMALL BUSINESS OWNER CONCERNS - Category: Business - Management 12/21/2007
Summary: Are the problems experienced by small business owners any different than their corporate counterparts? . . . more

 KEEPING DOWN WITH THE JONES' - Category: Self Improvement - Positive Attitude 12/18/2007
Summary: Questions why we find it necessary to keep up with the Jones'. . . . more

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Summary: Discusses who controls the work environment, the worker or the manager? . . . more

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Summary: Discusses why we, as consumers, are taken for granted. . . . more

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Summary: Questions why we find it necessary to personally advertise other companies. . . . more

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Summary: Discusses who really assumes risk in a company; the employer or the employee? . . . more

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Summary: Describes types of organizational structures, The Five Basic Elements of Mass Production, and Understanding Productivity. . . . more

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Summary: Discusses the need for controlling the work environment. Do we really like operating in a helter-skelter mode? . . . more

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Summary: Tim,Bryce,MBA,Florida,Management,Deck,Chairs,Titanic,Priorities . . . more

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Summary: Examines the human compulsion to reinvent the same things time and again. . . . more

 DO'S AND DON'TS IN THE WORKPLACE (PART II) - Category: Business - Employment 10/19/2007
Summary: This week we will discuss such things as Moonlighting, Discussing Salaries, Job Titles, and Employment Contracts. . . . more

 THE PASSING OF PUNCTUALITY - Category: Business - Employment 10/19/2007
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