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Corporate Speaker and Weight Loss Coach Stephen Parzuchowski publishes Changing Our Weighs an eZine that offers motivating and informative articles, delicious recipes, recommended readings and answers to FAQ's. If you're ready to jump-start your weight loss success, become healthier, have more fun and live a more vibrant life, visit http://www.ChangingOurWeighs.com and start living your life your weigh TODAY!

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 Do You Need Some Motivation? - Category: Health - Weight Loss 6/7/2008
Summary: Are there any lifestyle changes or people that may likely interfere with your motivation to lose weight and maybe causing you to be disappointed in reaching you goal? A weakness we tend to have is measuring everything and everybody based on our beliefs. These beliefs are ideas we think to be true and fixed ideas are habits that condition you to think a certain way. . . . more

 When Vacation comes a Summer Retreat - Category: Health - Weight Loss 6/6/2008
Summary: Do you ever find that when relaxing from everyday stress that you tend to relax from your healthy lifestyle as well and may be just a little concerned of history repeating itself? Here are some easy, very specific ways that you can prepare yourself and change the paradigm . . . more