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    Author Bio for Ron Piner, CPA

Welcome to the most complete business program. Join me Saturday mornings at 10 for my show, "Better Business". I guarantee that you will find the information useful and practical. There is no question too basic, and there is no question too complex in my forum. WBIS AM 1190 www.wbis1190.com www.mwibonline.com email:taxguy9@hotmail.com

 The Adventures of the Amazing Ron and Taxguy-Clueless American! - Category: Finance - Tax Planning 1/18/2009
Summary: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the Amazing Ron And Taxguy as they do battle with financial foes. Call on these financial super heroes when you are in need. . . . more

 My Guide To Buying and Selling Businesses - Category: Business - Small Business 6/5/2008
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 Tax Planning At Its Best - Category: Finance - Tax Planning 7/29/2007
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Summary: Don't let the "Evil Spender Woman In You" over take your financial future. It's the Amazing Ron and Taxguy! . . . more

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 An Eye On Taxes And Your Portfolio - Category: Finance - Tax Planning 5/17/2007
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 The Home Office Deduction - Category: Finance - Tax Planning 5/10/2007
Summary: The home office deduction can be much more than just a tax deduction. It could be the start of something big. . . . more

 WWRD-What Would Ron Do - Category: Finance - Tax Planning 5/7/2007
Summary: Match witts with Ron PIner CPA and make informed decisions regarding your financial issues. The WWRD series will teach you how to assess your situation and devise a strategy that will achieve your goals. . . . more

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