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    Author Bio for Rita Cartwright

Rita J. Cartwright is a Virtual Assistant and owner of RJ's Word Processing Services, and she began her business in 2002.  In 1998, she received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Marketing from Arizona State University with a minor in Spanish. More information about Rita and her company can be found at http://www.rjswordprocessing.com.

 Target Audience – One of the Four P’s - Category: Business - Marketing and Advertising 9/3/2007
Summary: Do you know who your target audience is? If you don’t know, you are not maximizing your advertising and/or marketing efforts. . . . more

 Another Way to Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business - Category: Business - Small Business 8/17/2007
Summary: We, as virtual assistants (VAs), generally attempt to grow our business by obtaining more clients or contracts. Now the new strategy is to enlarge our small business by creating a multi-virtual assistant company or organizing a team of VAs to subcontract or outsource projects to. . . . more