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    Author Bio for Rafael Perez

Rafael Perez is an Author/Life Coach/ Speaker from Chicago, Illinois. "I have spent the last 10 years researching in depth the different levels of awareness. I have found through my research that the world is simply a series of realities which are all relative to the individual person. I cover certain areas of my research in a book that I self published and have been offering online at my website with much positive feedback. I have a background in corporate training and lectured the same research into the classes. I also applied this in my management career and ran very successful business."

Books:Breaking Free From the Eggshell Existence Series

“Breaking Free From The Eggshell Existence – Take Control of your life” by Rafael Perez is a non-fiction manuscript. Perez writes about how to break out of the “Eggshell” and writes, “The eggshell I am speaking about is the one you formed around yourself to survive life as you know it. In other words, the things you fear.” Perez discusses fear holds people back from their true potential and how negative thoughts and feelings can affect a person. Perez discusses how to release judgment, keep positive, and take control of life in order to achieve a better existence in all aspects of life.

In conclusion, Perez lists numerous positive and inspirational quotes from people.

A reader who is interested in achieving a positive existence will find this manuscript informative and inspirational.

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