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Michael Puskas is committed to helping people understand that they have the God-given power to live a happy meaningful life.  To live such a life, one must develop what God has freely given to them.  We all have a mind, will, emotion, and a spirit.  If we learn how to use them, we will come to know the secrets of abundant life.  If you would like free mentoring information, please go to: http://mlmsuccesscoaching.com or http://WealthMastersNetwork.com


 What is Faith and How Do I Increase It? - Category: Self Improvement - Inspirational 12/6/2007
Summary: Everyone has some measure of faith, but only those with unstoppable faith can achieve great things. In this article we will discuss what faith is and how to increase it in order to make your dreams a reality. . . . more

 The Pursuit of Happiness in Network Marketing - Category: Business - Home Based Business 11/18/2007
Summary: The life a Chris Gardner is a inspiring one and I would like to share a brief tidbit of what I got out of the depiction of his life story in a movie called THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS. After you read this article, go out and get the move! . . . more

 What is Network Marketing? - Category: Business - Home Based Business 11/12/2007
Summary: When people hear the term "network marketing" many opinions come forth. Hopefully this article will make it clear what network marketing is and is not... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Sowing Seeds for Success - Category: Business - Home Based Business 11/5/2007
Summary: I will use the parable of the sower to illustrate the reality of making your network marketing business of success. If you understand this principle, you will understand why people react to your opportunity the way they do... . . . more

 Discovering Personality Types - Category: Self Improvement - Coaching 10/30/2007
Summary: It has been discovered that there are 4 major personality types. Everyone is a combination of all 4 types, but one dominate each of us. Find out your dominating type and the type of those you do business with and your success will increase dramatically. Find out how... . . . more

 How to Be Lucky - Category: Self Improvement - Attraction 10/24/2007
Summary: Luck is not something that happens to you; it is something that you create. You are responsible for your own luck. It all starts with the way you think... . . . more

 Is Crave the Best Energy Drink? - Category: Health - Fitness 10/21/2007
Summary: With 70 million drinks being sold daily do we need still another one? Vitamark International thinks that we do by releasing a new energy drink called Crave. . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Be Flexible - Category: Business - Home Based Business 10/8/2007
Summary: Outstanding success in MLM is only for those who are flexible. Learn to be an out-of-the-box person and become childlike again. . . . more

 MLM Success Secret-It's Always Harder in the Beginning - Category: Business - Home Based Business 10/8/2007
Summary: Your home based business or MLM is like a plane loaded with cargo that needs to get off the ground. It takes more effort to get off the ground then to stay at cruising altitude. This is true of getting your business off the ground as well... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - How to Get Lucky - Category: Business - Home Based Business 10/1/2007
Summary: Luck is not what you think it is. Luck can happen to anyone who is prepared for it. It can happen to you! . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Faith Diversified by Doubt - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/30/2007
Summary: The secret to lasting success in MLM or in life for that matter is to have enough faith to overcome doubt. The difference between a whiner and winer is faith through action that overcomes all doubt... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - The Power to Become - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/30/2007
Summary: You do not have to settle for the way things are right now. You can change your life by creating a new future by your God given powers to create... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Learn a Lesson from Albert Einstein - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/26/2007
Summary: I hear the pain of failure and see it everyday online. So many have dreams and they are all dashed because they have not learned what one of the smartest men in history concluded in his later days... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Discipline - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/23/2007
Summary: Success in network marketing will take a great deal of self-discipline. That means sacrificing some time and effort NOW for financial and time freedom in the FUTURE. . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Mentor or Be Mentored, The Short Path to Success - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/22/2007
Summary: To be a good Mentor, you have to know on whom to invest your time. To be mentored you have to be deserving of anothers time and expertise. Whether you are the Mentor or the one being mentored, mentoring is the shortest path to success... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Be On a Winning Team - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/15/2007
Summary: Part of the big frustration that many network marketers are facing is the lack of teamwork. Because so few know what they are doing many folks are being sucked into businesses and left to fend for themselves. . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Change Your Focus Through Effective Questions - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/14/2007
Summary: You can change your feelings by asking yourself a good questions. Do you know that you can control your focus and life just by the questions you ask yourself? This is powerful so read more... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret -- Brand Yourself - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/10/2007
Summary: You can dramatically increase your online success by properly branding yourself. The best way to do this is to write articles and submit them online. The more you write, the more famous you will become. Find out why this is so important... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Never Give Up - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/7/2007
Summary: Do you feel like givng up? Is our home-based business frustrating you? Are you 2 minutes from throwing in the towl? If so, DON'T! Remember Thomas Edison, the man who failed over 10,000 times and never gave up... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Join a Winning Team - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/6/2007
Summary: Don't try to go it alone in network marketing. Your independence defeats the whole concept of network marketing. To be successful you must be part of a winning team... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Beware of Vampire Marketers - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/6/2007
Summary: They are all over the internet. They are promising success without a price. They take your money and run. They are Vampire Marketers, watch out for they are out to get you! . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Choose Your Sponsor Wisely - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/5/2007
Summary: Network marketing is an awesome business. However, many network marketers are frustrated because of poor sponsorship. Therefore I recommend that you choose your sponsor wisely... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - Develop Your Faith - Category: Business - Home Based Business 9/4/2007
Summary: Being successful in network marketing requires a great deal of faith. Your faith needs to be developed. How can you do this? I will tell you how... . . . more

 MLM Success Secret - The Power of Gratitude - Category: Business - Networking 9/4/2007
Summary: Are you frustrated and failing in your home based business? Did you hit a brick want and can't seem to break through? Are you complaining and murmuring about it? Don't blame others; just change your attitude and learn the the... . . . more

 MLM Success - Forsake the Competitive Mind - Category: Business - Home Based Business 8/31/2007
Summary: Do you think that competition is in your way and you have to craw your way to the top to be successful. Well think again; maybe it's time to change your way of thinking... . . . more

 MLM Success - Don't Get Sucked in by the Prelaunch Hype - Category: Business - Home Based Business 8/26/2007
Summary: The term "prelaunch" is being touted all over the internet to create a sense of urgency to join various programs. Prelaunch is desigend to make you feel that NOW is the time to join. However, let me tell you why NOW may not be the best time at all. Read on... . . . more

 Know Your MLM Policies & Procedures - It Can Save You! - Category: Business - Home Based Business 8/25/2007
Summary: Whether looking at an MLM opportunity or if you are currently in one, I would advise you right now to look at the Policies and Procedures (PNP) of that company. The odds may be stacked against you for long term success. . . . more

 How to Turn Prospects into Associates - Category: Business - Networking 8/23/2007
Summary: How do you get a prospect to buy into your business opportunity? The answer may not be what you think... . . . more

 Success Seeds--They Are Within You - Category: Self Improvement - Success 8/17/2007
Summary: Are you looking for success? Well, don't look too far because the seeds for success are within you. How can your release them and get them to grow. This article will offer tips on how to activate the dormant seeds of success within your and start you on your path to success... . . . more

 Network Marketing Success Secrets - Category: Internet and Business Online - Internet Marketing 8/13/2007
Summary: Most network marketers fail because they have not learned the secrets of success in MLM. You can and will succeed if you follow the footsteps of those who have gone before. Here are just a few of their secrets... . . . more

 Success is Invisible at First - Category: Self Improvement - Success 8/4/2007
Summary: Success may not appear right away. It always starts out invisible and requires time for its manifestation. Don't make the mistake of giving up to soon. If you have a "I want it now mentality; you might be missing out on a fortune! . . . more

 Online Magnetic Marketing - Category: Business - Marketing and Advertising 7/30/2007
Summary: In order to be an effective network marketer online, you need to let people know who YOU are. The same product and service may be promoted by thousands of others, but what makes you stand out? You need to let people know who YOU are and what YOU will do to help them. . . . more

 Network Marketing - It's a People Business - Category: Internet and Business Online - Internet Marketing 7/29/2007
Summary: Contrary to popular belief, network marketing is not a money business; it is a people business. To become success in NWM one must focus on people and the money will follow. . . . more

 Your Mind Must be Guarded - Category: Self Improvement - Inspirational 7/26/2007
Summary: Your mind is the most powerful and important asset that you have. Therefore you must take control over what goes into it. . . . more