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    Author Bio for Marty Zigman

Marty Zigman, founder of Prolecto Resources, has developed scalable eCommerce systems for companies such as Time Warner and Bank of America which processed over $1.6 billion in order revenue within 12 months.  Prolecto Resources invents with Cloud based software to make business owners more profitable. http://blog.prolecto.com

 NonProfits Find NetSuite a Valuable Tool for Fundraising - Category: Business - Entrepreneurialism 10/25/2011
Summary: The Cloud makes great sense to nonprofits. IT is full of wasteful expense that robs from all the good energy offered by organizations challenged to make a difference. Learn how NetSuite serves nonprofits and organizations that are driving social entrepreneurship. . . . more

 NetSuite and Google Analytics: How Can You Distinguish a Customer from a Visitor? - Category: Business - Opportunities 10/25/2011
Summary: Google Analytics is the standard for tracking web site traffic. However, if you have a NetSuite eCommerce system, NetSuite's web reporting can provide insights that Google can't. See how to work these tools to gain important insight into your online business. . . . more

 Security Moving Decentralized: Who Owns My Password? - Category: Business - Management 10/25/2011
Summary: A shift is upsetting the traditional IT model of command and control. The Cloud is shifting our behavior to decentralized security models leading to lower costs and greater profit for organizations that embrace. . . . more

 How to Integrate Google Apps With NetSuite - Category: Business - Productivity 10/5/2011
Summary: Google Apps are quickly becoming a popular business tool. But if you’re using NetSuite, there is a simple way to integrate your Google Apps information to your CRM and ERP data. . . . more

 Enhance NetSuite with SuiteCloud - Category: Computers - Software 10/5/2011
Summary: NetSuite's SuiteCloud is the community that allows software vendors add value to the NetSuite business system. NetSuite's SuiteApp is the directory service that allows customers find and install enhancements to add value to their existing NetSuite account. . . . more

 Be more Competitive with Business Process, Product Knowledge and Accounting in NetSuite - Category: Business - Management 10/5/2011
Summary: NetSuite is the premier tool that allows you to be more competitive and help you make money. Learn how NetSuite helps you leverage product knowledge, business process, and accounting. . . . more

 Is Microsoft Dynamics Choking Your Growth? - Category: Business - Productivity 10/5/2011
Summary: Relative to new marketplace offers and technical architecture, Microsoft Dynamics may be choking your growth. Learn how to think about these business systems in contrast to modern Cloud based integrated systems. . . . more

 What is a Two Tier ERP? - Category: Business - Management 10/5/2011
Summary: Two Tier ERP is an approach used by management when it is too difficult to get on one single system across multiple business subsidiaries. Learn more about this case.. . . . more

 NetSuite and the Benefits of the SaaS Model - Category: Business - Management 9/28/2011
Summary: Software as a Service (SaaS) is transforming the way we purchase, use and maintain business software. Learn why this model has become popular and why NetSuite's offer is superior than the majority of other providers touting this architecture. . . . more

 NetSuite Demand Planning Helps Your Business Grow - Category: Business - Management 9/28/2011
Summary: Inventory planning is used by competitive organizations who seek to mature their business practices to increase enterprise value. Learn how demand and supply plans can be managed by NetSuite to make you more competitive. . . . more

 Misconception #1 About NetSuite: Can't Get Off the System - Category: Business - Management 9/14/2011
Summary: A common misconception about NetSuite is that you can't get off the system once you are on. This is not true; however, like any good ERP change, you will want to plan your migration well ahead of time so you can work through any challenge on your timeline. . . . more

 How to Connect NetSuite Web Services with Java - Category: Computers - Software 9/14/2011
Summary: If you are curious how you connect Java to NetSuite, this article provides an orientation perfect for the beginner. . . . more

 How is NetSuite’s CRM Different from the One You’re Using? - Category: Business - Management 8/29/2011
Summary: It’s a common problem – based on the promises, you expect your business management CRM to help you grow your service business. But it simply doesn’t. Take for instance the most commonly used CRM system, Salesforce.com. You try to manage and plan all your growing prospective and booked business so you can intelligently manage your staff resources; but Salesforce.com isn't up to the task. You’re going to have to start looking for other options. . . . more

 Are you Starting to Feel the Quickbooks Pain with 15 or More Employees? - Category: Business - Accounting 8/29/2011
Summary: QuickBooks is the number one default software package that a new business owner purchases and installs on their PC to help manage accounting. QuickBooks is pretty prolific and is a good value for the money, but it’s only useful while the business is still small. People begin to experience pain when their company grows to include 15 or more employees. So how do you know if QuickBooks is choking your growth? Here are some early symptoms of a dangerous bottleneck. . . . more

 What is ERP? - Category: Business - Management 8/29/2011
Summary: What is ERP? The truth is, you are probably using some kind of ERP for your business. But you may not know all the capabilities of an ERP, and the ways it can help grow your business. . . . more

 What is CRM? - Category: Business - Management 8/29/2011
Summary: CRM. It's a business buzzword. But what is a CRM? And are you realizing the full potential of your CRM? This article gives you the CRM rundown. . . . more

 Why Your Company Needs an ERP System - Category: Business - Management 8/29/2011
Summary: You may be familiar with an ERP system, but you may not know exactly how it will help your business. This article discusses the two main problems companies face without an ERP system, and how a company benefits by having one in place. . . . more

 Why Your Company Needs a CRM Program - Category: Business - Management 8/29/2011
Summary: Even if you're familiar with CRM programs, you may not know the ways in which they can help your business grow. In this article learn two of the main problems companies face when not having a CRM program, and how they can be overcome. . . . more

 Four Questions to Ask if Your Business is Ready for Advanced Growth with NetSuite - Category: Business - Opportunities 8/29/2011
Summary: Is your company ready for Advanced Growth? Answer these 4 questions to see if tools like NetSuite will unlock your potential. . . . more

 What is NetSuite? - Category: Business - Productivity 8/29/2011
Summary: If you're interested in learning about business management software, read this article to understand why and how NetSuite is considered a premier offering. . . . more

 How Can NetSuite Streamline Marketing Communications? - Category: Business - Marketing and Advertising 8/29/2011
Summary: In marketing, it is crucial to the growth and success of initiatives that all communications be streamlined. Read this article to learn how NetSuite can make these communications help you generate more revenue. . . . more

 7 Ways NetSuite Can Increase Your Revenue That You Probably Aren't Using - Category: Business - Management 8/24/2011
Summary: Traditional CRMs and ERPs help organize a business, but NetSuite offers a variety of built-in resources that are able to effectively target areas for revenue growth. Here are 7 ways that NetSuite can help you increase your revenue. . . . more

 Are You Hiring When You Should Be Using NetSuite? - Category: Business - Management 8/24/2011
Summary: Do you have the right tools that help you effectively utilize the right people that will help your business to grow, or is there a more cost effective way to go about managing that growth? NetSuite will help you minimize the number of people you hire because you will use powerful tools to produce action -- ultimately making you more profitable. . . . more