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I am Kim Knight, a passionate, dedicated and successful weight loss and personal life coach. My aim and agenda is to support my clients get unstuck and live the lives they really want. You can read more about my story, my purpose and journey at: http://www.bestweightlosscoach.ws and http://www.kimknightcoaching.com You can also read more about asking yourself the right questions to guide you to the best answers for living a successful life at http://www.kimknightcoaching.com/life-coach.php/7/115



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 Inside Every Fat Person ... - Category: Health - Weight Loss 2/4/2007
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 A Permanent Solution to Weight Loss - Category: Health - Weight Loss 2/4/2007
Summary: If we start looking inside oursleves and stop to listen, maybe we can identify the reasons for our food addictions and weight issues. In so doing we may give ourselves the opportunity to find a permanent solution to losing weight. . . . more

 Helping Clients Determine Goals - Category: Self Improvement - Coaching 2/4/2007
Summary: Before you support clients with goal-setting, it is essential to help clients clarify their values, passions and deep desires first. . . . more