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 Dr. Sarcasm's Philosophy On Suicide Bombers - Category: Society - Humor 1/1/2011
Summary: Dr. Sarcasm uses his unique view to expound the stupidity of suicide bombing. . . . more

 Top 10 Criminal Charges That Should Exist - Category: Society - Humor 12/27/2010
Summary: These things may not be illegal, but man, we all know they really should be. . . . more

 I'm Suing The Highway Department - Category: Society - Humor 12/27/2010
Summary: The other day while driving down the road I saw a sign that said "STOP AHEAD". So, I reached over, took hold, and stopped my wife's head. She slapped me so hard she knocked a crown off one of my molars. I'm suing the highway department. Not long after that, I came upon a sign that said "SPEED ZONE AHEAD". . . . more

 Hey, How 'Bout Those Panties? - Category: Society - Humor 1/15/2010
Summary: Not only was I stuck waiting while women tried on clothes, a horror all on it's own, but I was stuck in the middle of underwear at the same time. So,what do you say to another man while surrounded by women's underwear? "Hey, how 'bout those panties?" I don't think so. . . . more

 5 Sarcastically Baffling Questions - Category: Society - Humor 1/11/2010
Summary: You know, there are things in this world that simply baffle me. Usually, they are things that other people apparently just don't get or simply overlook. Whatever the reason, with the right sarcastic presentation, I'm sure you'll be baffled as well. . . . more

 Who's Ignorant? - Category: Society - Opinion 1/6/2010
Summary: You've surely heard it said "ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it", right? OK, fine, but then tell me this, when do we get our official law books? Seriously. I don't remember being handed any rule book detailing all the laws of the country that I am supposed to keep, do you? . . . more

 Keepers Of The Useless - Category: Society - Humor 1/4/2010
Summary: People tend to hang on to things way past their usefulness, you know? Which is why I set out to make fun of my wife for doing it only, like always, ended up bringing it back on myself. So, I still had my junior high activity card in my wallet until I was 28? What of it? . . . more

 Fun With Forms - Category: Society - Humor 1/3/2010
Summary: Forms, forms, forms. It seems like all the time, everywhere we go, we end up filling out some kind of form. Well, don't you just get so sick and tired of it sometimes? So, just to be a sarcastic son of a biscuit eater, why not put a little fun into the process next time you have to fill one out? . . . more

 Beware Of The Hair Demon! - Category: Society - Humor 1/2/2010
Summary: It could be I'm just hair-o-phobic, but my belief is that an evil hair demon is secretly weaving his hairy army into every corner of the world. But then, that's my old roommates fault, and I'll tell you why. . . . more

 Losers Throw In The Towel, Winners Eat It - Category: Society - Humor 3/30/2009
Summary: What does a highly competitive dog do when challenged to a game of tug-o-war? Win -- no matter what the digestive cost. . . . more

 Land Of The Floral Print Whiners? - Category: Society - Humor 3/15/2009
Summary: We've come a long way in our modern society, but I'm just not sure it's all been the right way. Take floral print toilet paper, for instance. Is this the epitome of our modern society? Did our ancestors fight, suffer, bleed, and die simply so we can have soft, pretty paper to wipe you know what from our you know where? . . . more

 Sex, Violence, Or Stupidity -- The Future Of Movie Ratings - Category: Society - Humor 3/6/2009
Summary: You know, I just don't understand the point to movie ratings anymore. These days anyone with a cable connection or a satellite dish can tune into swearing, sex, murder, rape, and professional wrestling without any censoring whatsoever. I mean, when Disney puts out movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean" where the "good guys" are thieving, murderous pirates, is there really a point anymore? . . . more

 The Cosmic Law Of Generational Music Differences - Category: Society - Humor 12/30/2008
Summary: No matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, it is inevitable that you will hate the music your kids listen to the most. And it will be your own fault that they listen to it, too. Sorry, that's just the Cosmic Law of Generational Music Differences. . . . more

 So, Who's Going To Bailout The Bailouts? - Category: Society - Opinion 12/18/2008
Summary: So when did running to the government and begging for money become part of everyone's business plan anyway? Who do you have to be to qualify for a bailout? And who exactly is going to pay for all this anyway? . . . more

 Stupid Product Labels - Category: Society - Humor 12/3/2008
Summary: I just can't believe some of the ridiculous things you can find on product labels these days. For instance, I've got a 2 ton floor jack with an adjustment screw on the side that has a plastic cap clamped right on the top of the adjustment screw with the words "Do Not Adjust" printed on it. Now, if I'm not supposed to adjust it, why does it come with an adjustment screw? Hmmm? But wait! There are far worse labels than this. That was just a simple one to get you warmed up. . . . more

 Top Ten Sarcastic Dares - Category: Society - Humor 12/3/2008
Summary: Sarcastically speaking, I dare you to do some of the things found on my top ten list. . . . more

 World Record Phone Company Stupidity - Category: Society - Humor 12/3/2008
Summary: With the advent of cell phones, many of us have moved away from the traditional phone companies where we used to get our land line service. If you're like me, you probably had hopes that cellular phone companies would be better to deal with than traditional phone companies. Well, I'm afraid not. . . . more

 Ode To The Modern Potty Paper Professional - Category: Society - Humor 11/29/2008
Summary: I now have clear evidence that our society has become way too specialized. Consider the following news headline: Toilet-Paper Researchers Create 3-ply Tissue Toilet paper researchers? . . . more

 The Curse - Category: Sports - Fishing 11/29/2008
Summary: There are times of glory in a fisherman's life. Times when he can do no wrong. Times when he becomes one with his lure and the water. Times when the fish become spellbound by his magic and fall completely at his mercy.I'm just glad I have a friend who can fish like that so I can see what it's like once in a while. . . . more

 Mom Help! Dad's Cooking Again! - Category: Home and Family - Food and Drink 11/28/2008
Summary: "Dear Lord, we thank you for this food, and we ask you to bless it --- especially tonight because Daddy cooked it. Amen." . . . more

 Prescription Descriptions - Category: Society - Humor 11/23/2008
Summary: Don't you just love pharmaceutical ads? Is there anything else that can be both funny and scary at the same time better than a pharmaceutical ad running through a list of possible side effects? . . . more

 Complex Problems, Simple Solutions - Category: Society - Humor 11/7/2008
Summary: People tend to make things way too complicated. The world has all these supposedly complex problems, but I'm telling you, simple solutions are all that are needed. For instance... . . . more

 Forget Global, Go Butt Local - Category: Science - Environmental 11/4/2008
Summary: You know, I’ve had it with the whole “dramatic” climate change bull snot. I’ve had it with all these whackos who predict this massive overnight global warming threat. I’ve had it with these idiot news agencies who report “Severe Winter Predicted” right above “Global Warming Crisis Imminent”. Is it too much to ask these people to make up their dang minds?! . . . more

 Getting Organized? Doesn't That Mean Buying An Organ? - Category: Society - Humor 11/4/2008
Summary: The fact is, however, I'm about as organized as debris in a tornado. I spin around in circles a lot, everything is constantly moving, though you never know in what direction, and while my end results are sometimes amazing, they are forever scattered and windblown. . . . more