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    Author Bio for Joanna Lindenbaum

Joanna Lindenbaum, M.A., has 12 years of teaching and coaching experience. Her coaching invites women to think bigger, to embrace their power, to create more compelling and exciting goals for themselves, to become leaders, to connect to their intuition, to open their hearts, and to make it a practice of remembering how special and important they are. By activating this inner wisdom, Joanna helps her clients achieve extraordinary success in business, career, and life. Sign up for Joanna's complimentary "How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Obstacles to Soul-Centered Success" at http://soulfulcoach.com/ecourse.php.

 An Introduction to Your Own Inner Wisdom - Category: Self Improvement - Coaching 12/20/2010
Summary: Inner wisdom is the part of yourself that knows exactly what is right for you, beyond your rational thoughts or any conventions that you hold. Inner wisdom is so important and powerful that as soon as you are ready to tap into it, you can start living your life aligned with your true purpose with joy, balance and loads of positive energy. . . . more

 The Key to Managing Your Time (It's NOT what you think it is!) - Category: Self Improvement - Time Management 11/21/2010
Summary: Before you dive into the practical how-tos of time management, there is a VERY important yet nearly always overlooked first step to managing your time and schedule. It is vital that you understand your relationship with time and create healthy beliefs around how time functions and how you move through it. . . . more

 What A Baby Can Teach You About The Most Important Success Principle - Category: Self Improvement - Success 10/25/2010
Summary: How many times have you set out to do something, and when it doesn’t work out after the 1st or 2nd attempt, you decide that you’re a failure, you’re not good at it, you’ll never learn how to do it, or it’s not for you? I often hear a story similar to this from women when I first meet them. . . . more

 Have You Created a 3-Tiered Support System for Success? - Category: Business - Small Business 9/12/2010
Summary: Delegating is so incredibly important because the more successful you become and want to be, the more responsibility there is. However, you are not supposed to be doing it all on your own! In this article I'll show you how. . . . more

 The Three Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Moving Through a Transition - Category: Self Improvement - Coaching 8/17/2010
Summary: A transition is anything from moving to a new career to an anniversary, birthday, divorce, marriage, letting go of a loved one, or anything else that marks the passing of one phase of your life into another. While these periods can sometimes be very joyful or beautiful like a birthday, or difficult like leaving a job or getting a divorce, transitions effect us on a deep level because they signify groundbreaking change or movement both on an inner and outer level. . . . more

 From Stressed Out to Sane and Centered: 3 Vital Tools - Category: Self Improvement - Stress Management 8/1/2010
Summary: Even if you are the most calm and balanced woman, you can pretty much count on the fact that stress WILL happen in your life. However, you have a choice as to how you respond to it. Whatever the cause, one thing is certain: if you don't know how to manage your stress, it can be hard on your body and hard on your heart. This article will give you some practical tips to deal with stress in a soulful and connected way. . . . more

 Are You Forgetting to Prioritize for Success? - Category: Business - Entrepreneurialism 7/19/2010
Summary: Each and every day, we are presented with endless possibilities of things to do, see, and hear. Often, we aren't clear on what is more important to do and what is less important to do - both in terms of our Overarching Priorities and Day-to-Day Priorities. This lack of clarity leads to feeling harried, overworked, or stuck. Once you get clear on these priorities, you can begin to understand the most effective, efficient, and pleasurable ways to spend your time, and create a plan to do so. . . . more

 Become Your Own Mirror: Rebuild Your Confidence - Category: Self Improvement - Self Esteem 7/6/2010
Summary: Many women come to me for coaching because they notice that despite their past successes and their many amazing qualities, they just don’t have the confidence they need in order to move forward with their soul-centered projects and goals. . . . more

 What do Cliffs Have to do With Confidence? - Category: Self Improvement - Self Esteem 6/14/2010
Summary: We ALL have our metaphorical cliff-leaps that arise every now and again. These are the opportunities in your life that hold so much potential, so much promise, yet scare you because of the risks you would be taking. . . . more

 Is Your Vision Soul-Centered? - Category: Self Improvement - Coaching 6/14/2010
Summary: Perhaps you’ve heard of a vision statement before. Your Soul-Centered Vision Statement is an amped-up, heart-certified version of this. It is literally the vision you have for your greatest self and for the world. . . . more

 The Power of Mini-Action Steps - Category: Self Improvement - Time Management 2/11/2010
Summary: Today I want to share with you an important piece of information that may seem very obvious. The truth is, though, most people don't utilize this incredibly effective tool for moving forward and getting unstuck instantaneously! . . . more

 Creating Your Personal Theme and Resolutions for the New Year – Part I - Category: Self Improvement - Success 1/13/2010
Summary: This article focuses on creating your personal theme for the new year. By creating a theme for the year, you will be able to feel more fulfilled and stay aligned with your deepest desires. Once you uncover your theme, you commit to approaching each day and each thing you do with that theme in mind. . . . more

 How to Make the Winter Season Work for You - Category: Self Improvement - Success 12/16/2009
Summary: Entering into the winter season can bring up a lot of fear, anxiety, and struggle for you if you "fight" against it. In my coaching practice, I hear it time and time again: "Ugh, it's wintertime. It's cold and dark...and I feel stuck!" Here are a few ways to make your winter experience work for you. . . . more

 Your Holiday Wellness Guide - The Top 7 - Category: Home and Family - Holidays 12/2/2009
Summary: It's that time of the year again - holiday season! Many of us will spend a dizzying six weeks traveling, eating, partying, spending, and being with family. It can be a lot to handle, even for the most balanced and prepared individuals. Often, by the time the New Year emerges, you can feel drained, exhausted, bloated, and ready to hide out from your friends and family for a while. That's not the best way to start the new year. I want to make sure this doesn't happen to you this holiday season. . . . more

 Energize Your Life By Understanding Drive vs. Passion - Category: Business - Entrepreneurialism 11/5/2009
Summary: You decide that you want to accomplish a big project, for example, writing your book. You work on it for six months. You create your action plan, you meet all of your mini-goals or milestones, and you finally finish your book. And yet, you still don't feel satisfied. When enough never feels like "enough," you are being motivated by your Drive, not by your Passion. . . . more

 5 Ways to Connect to Your Inner Wisdom - Category: Self Improvement - Happiness 10/15/2009
Summary: Despite all this, somewhere, deep in our souls, we know the importance of slowing down and connecting to our inner wisdom, connecting to our right brains - that place of deep intuition and creativity that holds so many answers and so much richness for us. . . . more

 An Autumn Ritual for Letting Go of Your Blocks - Category: Business - Entrepreneurialism 9/30/2009
Summary: Autumn is the perfect time to clean out and let go of what no longer serves you in your life. . . . more

 Are You Making this Common Time and Energy Wasting Mistake? - Category: Business - Entrepreneurialism 9/11/2009
Summary: By now, you probably know that creating a solid Action Plan and Blueprint are key to envisioning and following through on any BIG project, from building your business to publishing your book to reaching your health or fitness goals. . . . more

 From My Heart to Yours.... - Category: Self Improvement - Inspirational 8/20/2009
Summary: You are a daughter of the earth, and you hold all the answers inside you. YOU are the one you've been waiting for. . . . more

 What My 11-Month Old Can Teach You About Achieving Success - Category: Self Improvement - Inspirational 8/4/2009
Summary: How many times have you set out to do something, and when it doesn’t work out after the 1st or 2nd attempt, you decide that you’re not good at it, you’ll never learn how to do it, or it’s not for you? . . . more

 3 Simple Steps to Re-Wire Negative Thinking - Category: Self Improvement - Inspirational 7/9/2009
Summary: When a negative thinking pattern gets activated, outside circumstance and rationale fade away, and those judgment-based, guilt-laden, chaos-seeking inner voices take over to color reality. . . . more

 Assess the First Six Months of 2009 and SOAR FORWARD in the Second Half - Category: Self Improvement - Time Management 6/27/2009
Summary: As we reach the end of June, we are coming upon the half-year mark. This is a wonderful time to take stock of how far you've come with your goals for 2009 and plan how to leverage your time and align your actions to follow through on all your goals with joy and confidence by the end of the year. . . . more

 How You Can Take Your Leap of Faith to Get the Life You Want - Category: Self Improvement - Inspirational 6/21/2009
Summary: We ALL have our metaphorical cliff leaps that arise every now and again. These are the opportunities in your life that hold so much potential, so much promise, yet scare you so much because there is something you might risk if you were to take that leap. . . . more

 What To Do With Fear– Part II - Category: Self Improvement - Coaching 6/8/2009
Summary: if navigated correctly, our fears can give us great insight into ourselves and actually become tools to help us accomplish our greatest dreams . . . more

 What To Do When Fear Rears its Head - Category: Self Improvement - Coaching 6/8/2009
Summary: If you don’t take care of the fear as it comes up, your chances of achieving those juicy goals that you set out for yourself decrease drastically. . . . more

 Tips for Managing Your Time At Work - Category: Business - Productivity 6/8/2009
Summary: There are, however, things you can do to take control of your time and your schedule, and create more productive and efficient workdays. . . . more

 The Third Key to Accessing Your intuition - Asking for Clarity - Category: Self Improvement - Coaching 6/8/2009
Summary: Accessing Your Intuition (they are Acknowledging Your Body and Embracing Your Body) allow us to prepare our ourselves so that we can receive the valuable information that is kept there. Once we have re-connected with our bodies and opened the channel for hearing our body wisdom, the next step is Asking for Clarity. . . . more

 The Second Key to Accessing Your Intuition - Category: Self Improvement - Coaching 6/8/2009
Summary: Intuition is located in the body - it is literal body wisdom - and it is our job to reclaim the ways we have rejected or ignored our hands, our thighs, our hearts, on and on. . . . more

 Overcome Workday Dread: Get Excited - Category: Business - Entrepreneurialism 6/4/2009
Summary: Attitude counts a lot on these days, and sometimes a quick and easy attitude adjustment can turn a dreaded day into a bearable - maybe even an enjoyable - one. . . . more

 Getting What You Want (instead of Doing What You Have To) - Category: Business - Entrepreneurialism 6/4/2009
Summary: If we could shift our ideas of goals from obligations into wishes - into dreams, limitless possibilities for ourselves and the world - we would have a much better chance of achieving our goals because we would be inspired and compelled to do so. . . . more

 Prioritizing Your Life - Category: Home and Family - Self Improvement 3/24/2009
Summary: Many of the women I coach enlist my services because they aren’t living the life that they really want to live. When we begin to look into that together, we often find that their priorities do not match how they spend their actual time. . . . more

 Make Better Decisions About Your Career - Category: Self Improvement - Motivation 3/24/2009
Summary: Our bodies contain treasures of important and valuable information about our lives and our careers. This body wisdom is called intuition, calling our intuition to action can help us navigate our lives with more ease and confidence. . . . more

 Living Your Personal Theme in 2009 - Category: Home and Family - Self Improvement 3/24/2009
Summary: I’ve developed a unique method to help you create your own personal guide of instructions and inspiration for 2009….all based on what’s most important to you! . . . more

 Eliminate the Distractions that are Keeping You Small - Category: Self Improvement - Happiness 3/24/2009
Summary: Have you ever noticed that it’s often times the small things that occupy and drain much of our time and energy? While it’s easy to overlook these things because they appear to be “small” and “unimportant”, it is vital to zap these distractions so that they do not hold us back from easefully and joyfully accomplishing our bigger dreams and goals. . . . more

 Do Your Thoughts Distract You from Living and Loving Your Life? - Category: Business - Entrepreneurialism 3/24/2009
Summary: Every moment of our lives is an opportunity - an invitation, a gift, a moment of joy or growth or exploration. Yet, we are often so busy being stuck in our worries or anxieties that we completely miss out on what the present moment is offering us. . . . more

 Do You Prevent Yourself from Thinking and Being BIG? - Category: Business - Entrepreneurialism 3/24/2009
Summary: The way you think about yourelf has a big impact on what you become. So often, we don't allow ourselves to think big enough. . . . more