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    Author Bio for Jerry Ryan, Ph.D.

Jerry Ryan, Ph.D. is a Natural Health Coach who teaches individuals and group classes on the scientifically documented benefits of natural health techniques.  He is also an internationally published author and has been a guest speaker at such places as NIKE World Headquarters.  For more information, his website is http://www.JerryRyanPhD.com

 Sound Advice - Category: Health - Alternative 12/20/2009
Summary: You are bombarded by sound all day long. Find out the four ways that sound influences your daily life. Learn how to control the impact of sound. . . . more

 Are You Facing An Energy Crisis? - Category: Health - Anti-Aging 3/17/2009
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 An Easy Way to Relieve Your Stress - Category: Self Improvement - Stress Management 12/15/2007
Summary: Learn how to relieve stress with a simple technique that you can do anywhere, anytime. Find out about a key to relaxation at any point in your day. Discover a natural way to lower your heart rate and blood pressure by making a slight change to something that you do all day long. . . . more

 Aerobic Training to Tone Your Body and Drop Fat Fast - Category: Health - Weight Loss 11/24/2007
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Summary: Find out the weight training system that works to build muscle mass and melt away fat. Discover 10 stomach exercises to flatten your belly quickly. Learn the importance of stretching before and after a workout. . . . more

 Sugars Can Be Good For You - Category: Health - Alternative 11/5/2007
Summary: Find out how the eight essential carbohydrates or lack of them impacts your overall health. Read about the research that shows how these simple sugars benefit your body. . . . more

 Prostate Cancer and Prevention - Category: Health - Conditions and Diseases 10/22/2007
Summary: Learn about the prostate gland, prostate cancer, and how to prevent it. Discover other conditions that affect the prostate. Find out what natural remedies can be beneficial. . . . more

 The Power of Antioxidants - Category: Health - Alternative 10/14/2007
Summary: Learn about the group of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that aid your immune system. Discover how antioxidants help prevent damage to your body and your health. Find out what foods and herbs are high in antioxidants. . . . more

 Be Prepared for Bio-Terrorism - Category: Health - Alternative 10/11/2007
Summary: Read about natural remedies for anthrax. Discover how certain foods can be helpful. Learn about herbs that can boost your immune system to fight anthrax infection. . . . more

 The Heart of the Matter - Category: Health - Alternative 9/22/2007
Summary: Learn about heart disease and how to prevent it. Discover the herbs, nutritional supplements, and dietary changes that can prevent cardiovascular problems. Learn the medical terms involved in heart disease so you can ask your doctor the right questions. . . . more

 A Look At Weight Loss Supplements - Category: Health - Supplements 9/16/2007
Summary: Discover the three main types of weight loss supplements. Find out about guarana, ephedra, choline, and inositol. Learn how these nutritional supplements work in your body. . . . more

 Natural Weight Control - Category: Health - Weight Loss 9/3/2007
Summary: Find out what is causing weight gain nationwide. Discover how extra weight places a burden on your body. Learn about research on foods for weight loss that can help Type II diabetes. . . . more

 Take a Deep Breath - Category: Health - Alternative 8/18/2007
Summary: What is the most vital nutrient to our overall health? Proteins to help rebuild the daily damage? Carbohydrates to fuel the brain and other systems? Fats to supply the necessary Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids? Water to help transport the nutrients and clean out the waste? Find out why oxygen is the most vital nutrient of all. . . . more

 Kick Smoking's Butt! - Category: Health - Quit Smoking 8/18/2007
Summary: Learn natural health techniques to stop smoking. Find out about herbs that can help. Discover deep breathing practices to help clear your lungs. . . . more