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    Author Bio for Frankie Goh

Frankie Goh is a full-time family counsellor and researcher. He manage a website : Earn Money Online He is also the Internet Marketing Co-ordinator of Ultra-Herbal Products & HerbalBiz Affiliate Program.

Frankie love to research on nature, environment and health-care. Having traveled almost half the globe, he is exposed to various cultures, traditions and religions across the world. Hence his articles appeal to worldwide audience.


 Seed Banks—A Race Against Time - Category: Science - Biology 11/22/2007
Summary: OUR lives depend on plants. They are sources of food and clothing. They provide fuel, building materials, and lifesaving medicines. Animals, birds, and insects depend on them too. Yet, according to some researchers, a quarter of the world’s plants are in danger of becoming extinct within the next 50 years . . . more

 Autos, Past and Present - Category: Science - Environmental 11/22/2007
Summary: FROM the earliest of times, man has been interested in transportation. At first, he depended on animals for locomotion. But there was a need for more efficient ways of getting around. A key element was the wheel, which led to horse-drawn carts and coaches. However, innovations of the 19th century revolutionized transportation in ways that were previously unimaginable. . . . more