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Randy Brown has passion for the game of basketball. He works as a basketball consultant and mentor for coaches. Visit him at www.coachrb.com for free resources, Q & A, newsletter, and coaching programs. A speaker and writer, he has authored 75 articles on coaching and is nationally published. His 18 years in college basketball highlights a successful 23-year career. Mentored by Basketball Hall of Fame coach Lute Olson at Arizona. Resume includes positions at Arizona, Iowa State, Marquette, Drake, and Miami of Ohio, 5 Conference Championships and 5 NCAA apprearances. His efforts have helped develop 12 NBA players including Steve Kerr, Sean Elliott, and Jaamal Tinsley. To contact Randy, email him at rb@coachrb.com.

 A Proven System for Becoming a College Basketball Coach - Category: Sports - Basketball 8/5/2007
Summary: The popularity of college basketball has increased the interest in coaching on the collegiate sidelines. The competition for these jobs is intense because of the small number of openings. With only 320 Division I schools in NCAA basketball, only those coaches with a proven game plan have a chance. These assistant coaching positions are as coveted as any in the sporting world. . . . more

 Organizing Your Practice Time - 25 Time Proven Ideas - Category: Sports - Basketball 8/5/2007
Summary: Preparing for practice is a key step toward success. Teaching time on the floor with your players is limited and valuable. Much time and thought should be put into each practice session to maximize productivity and make positive steps forward as a team. The quality of your practices will eventually determine how many games you win or lose during the season. The talent level of players, number of players, time, facilities, and equipment are all things to consider when putting your practice schedule together. . . . more

 The Path to College Coaching Yielding Great Results - Category: Sports - Basketball 8/5/2007
Summary: In my travels and experiences in college basketball I am asked a variety of questions by curious fans and coaches. The overwhelming favorite and most popular question by coaches continues to be, "how do I get my foot in the door? I'd do anything to become a college hoop coach." Are you one of those eager coaches with the same lofty goal? . . . more

 How Michael Jordan Killed the Game - Category: Sports - Basketball 8/5/2007
Summary: The most recognizable name in the history of the game of basketball is Michael Jordan. There is not a corner of the world where the mention of "Michael" raises eyebrows. As much as Air Jordan has given to the game, is it possible that he is also responsible for killing the game? . . . more

 Pistol Pete's Act Will Never Be Repeated - Category: Sports - Basketball 8/5/2007
Summary: Every era has a small group of players that take the country by storm. Their style, skill, or passion for championships mark these special players. Pete Maravich was one of those rare players that combined the uncanny ability to score from everywhere on the floor night in and night out! There will never be another Pistol Pete! . . . more

 12 Steps on the Path to College Coaching - Category: Sports - Basketball 8/5/2007
Summary: In the last 25 years, I have aided over 80 coaches to reach their goal of coaching in college. Over the years I have developed a system that will give any coach a chance to reach this coaching pinnacle. My expertise is teaching this path to eager young coaches. Will you be next? . . . more