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    Author Bio for Ari Rosenstein

Ari Rosenstein is the Director of Marketing at CPEhr, a Human Resources Outsourcing and Professional Employer Organization company. With 15,000 serviced employees and hundreds of clients in 26 states, CPEhr is one of the largest, independently owned PEOs in the nation. CPEhr is at the leading edge of the HR Outsourcing industry, providing the latest, most flexible menu of employer services available on the market. Learn more about HR Outsourcing and Professional Employer Organizations at www.cpehr.com.

 Human Resources Outsourcing Offers Solutions for Health Insurance Woes - Category: Business - Outsourcing 2/22/2008
Summary: Health insurance is one of the most important inducement small businesses use to recruit and keep employees motivated. Yet as premiums rise, many employers are finding the ability to provide cost effective health insurance more challenging. They are beginning to think “out of the box” and are turning to Human Resources Outsourcing firms in record numbers to provide cost effective and robust health insurance plans. . . . more

 Undocumented Worker Legislation - A New Reality for Employers - Category: Business - Employment 9/20/2007
Summary: Employers face new challenges following the Department of Homeland Security’s announcement it will levy larger fines against businesses that employ undocumented workers. HR Outsourcing has become a viable option for small employers to remain in compliance and avoid costly penalties. . . . more

 PEO Companies Provide Crucial Relief for Overwhelmed Businesses - Category: Business - Outsourcing 3/27/2007
Summary: Effectively managing Human Resources has become a daunting and complex task for small to mid-market business owners. These complexities have led to one of the hottest business trends in the nation: Human Resources and Professional Employer Outsourcing. . . . more