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You are invited to visit my site at http://anitaspen.com to learn more about promoting your business online and how important it is to have your writing look, sound and be professional.
Anita Bruton is the owner of Anita's Professional Writing Services and provides written marketing and promotional writing services  to small businesses, entrepreneurs and other business professionals.
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 Six Tips To Help You Write For Your Blog - Category: Business - Writing and Speaking 2/8/2008
Summary: I am sure you have heard a thousand times over; "Post, Post and then Post some more!" Good content attracts the search engines, which in turn, attract visitors and help build traffic to your blog. I have six tips for you as you start writing your blog: . . . more

 Investing In Technology As You Start Your Business - Category: Business - Writing and Speaking 2/8/2008
Summary: It's important that you have the right technology for your business. You may very well already have what you need. That's great! But make sure you aren't missing something. As you start out in business, you may be able to get by with what you have on hand. As time goes on, you will most likely need to add to or upgrade your technology. . . . more