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Christine Schaap is the co-creator of Path Partners.com, an online membership community ... more
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Now why not seize this moment to improve your catches for life with these unique fishing bibles: ... more
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Richard McLaughlin has worked in the computer industry since 1988, former Regional CIO for a software ... more
David Brydon
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 David writes about Barcelona apartments and Cheap barcelona apartments. ... more
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Andy Yeo is the Professional Trainer in Mobile Phone features and repair with more than 20 years ... more
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Tracy Ebert is the owner of: My Special Note (www.myspecialnote.com), an online retail store offering ... more
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 Pi's Infinity: An Analogy - Category: Science - Physics by: - John Prytz 12/8/2017
Summary: My theist debating acquaintance, MG, from another place, who just doesn't accept the concept of a temporal infinity[#] (either a linear one or a circular one, either one with cyclic events) on the grounds that you can't get to "Now" from either the starting point of an infinite past or by going backwards from an infinite future. I'd argue that the everyday concept of mathematical Pi disputes MG's assertion. . . . more

 More Religious Shorts - Category: Society - Religion and Spirituality by: - John Prytz 12/8/2017
Summary: Of all of those Big Questions central to philosophical concepts that surround life, the universe and everything, the realms of theology and religions and the nature of deities continue to fascinate. There's the pro side; there's the anti-side. There aren't too many fence-sitters. I'm in the anti-camp as the following second helping of mini religious short pieces illustrate. . . . more

 Authority Figures: A Debate - Category: Society - Opinion by: - John Prytz 12/1/2017
Summary: It would be a pretty rare occurrence today for someone, anyone, to publically propose an idea and just rely on himself or herself as the be-all-and-end-all of authority when it comes to that idea. We usually cite others as providing inspiration; we cite other authorities who lend credence to our idea and who tend, in part or in full, to back us up. . . . more

 Perception: Learned Or Innate? A Debate - Category: Science - Biology by: - John Prytz 12/1/2017
Summary: My debating opponent suggests that perception is a learned skill and has nothing apparently to do with the brain. I argue that percept is totally innate and your brain plays the most central of roles. Here’s the gist of that long debate in chronological order on that parallel topic of perception. Let the readers decide. . . . more

 Did The Egyptian God Osiris Exist? A Debate - Category: Society - Religion and Spirituality by: - John Prytz 11/26/2017
Summary: There is one atheist argument that no Christian theist can really refute, and every time I’ve used it, no Christian theist has successfully tried to refute this. It goes like this: “Had you been born and raised in a different or past society / culture [like that of ancient Egypt] you’d be singing the praises of a quite different deity (or deities) with equal faith, belief or conviction [like Osiris] and you know this to be so. So what does that say about the existence of your Christian God?” . . . more

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 Aquarium Medications; Anti-Parasitic - Category: Home and Family - Pets by: - Carl Strohmeyer 2/23/2007
Summary: This article deals with medications generally intended for the treatment of internal and external parasites. When you have fish that are sick (bacterial, fungal, protozoan, or other parasites), you want to try and isolate them in a hospital aquarium whenever possible. Regular water changes before each treatment allow for a more effective treatment, especially when treated in the display aquarium. . . . more

 AQUARIUM FILTRATION (Filters), Canister, HOB and Cleaning; how they work - Category: Home and Family - Pets by: - Carl Strohmeyer 10/29/2007
Summary: There are several different kinds of aquarium filters, each with advantages and disadvantages. Most work best when used in combination to compliment each other, this redundancy is also important for peace of mind in case one filter fails, another will keep your aquarium filtering. . . . more

 "Better another Taliban Afghanistan, than a Taliban NUCLEAR Pakistan!?" - Category: Society - Politics by: - stephenj.morgan 3/5/2007
Summary: The defeat is Iraq undermines any hope of success in Afghanistan. At least half of the country will fall to the Taliban within two years. The new southern caliphate could become a Pashtunistan tearing away Pastun tribes and threatening the break up of Pakistan and the creation of an unstable, fundamentalist, nuclear regime there. . . . more

 Making Cheap Homemade Carp Boilies For Big Fish Without Using Expensive Protein Ingredients! - Category: Sports - Fishing by: - Tim F. Richardson 7/31/2009
Summary: There is much made of amino acids and protein in carp baits but is truly over-blown when you consider how many cheap fantastic classic carp baits succeed with barely any protein content, including sweetcorn, bread and tiger nuts. Here are some alternative low protein cheap bait recipe suggestions to give you the edge and to save a fortune in expensive readymade baits! . . . more

 The Al Qaeda Cult : Secrets of its Hidden Power - Category: Society - Politics by: - stephenj.morgan 2/7/2007
Summary: Mind-control, collective suicide, are just two of may features in the cult power of Al Qaeda - a cult of suicidal, messianic, martyrdom . . . more