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Randy Brown has passion for the game of basketball. He works as a basketball consultant and mentor ... more
Greg Mulac
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Greg Mulac traveled the globe 25 years pursuing his Gold Prospecting and Treasure Hunting ... more
Marty Zigman
24 articles
Marty Zigman, founder of Prolecto Resources, has developed scalable eCommerce systems for ... more
Susun Weed
86 articles
Susun Weed, green witch and wise woman, is an extraordinary teacher with a joyous spirit, a ... more
Elissa Heyman
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Elissa Heyman offers psychic counseling and healing services in person in Santa Fe, New Mexico, ... more
Howard G Charing
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Howard G. Charing, is an accomplished international workshop leader on shamanism. He has worked ... more
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 Some Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces: Round Nineteen - Category: Society - Religion and Spirituality by: - John Prytz 11/11/2017
Summary: Philosophical concepts that surround life, the universe and everything, including those realms of theology, religions and the nature of deities continue to fascinate. Opinions proliferate. There's the theist pro side; there's the atheist anti-side. There aren't too many fence-sitters. I'm still in the anti-camp as the following nineteenth helping of “Religious Bits and Pieces” illustrate. . . . more

 The Simulation Hypothesis: More Evidence From Physics And Astronomy - Category: Science - Physics by: - John Prytz 10/20/2017
Summary: The Simulation Hypothesis states that there is a high probability that what we call life, the Universe and everything exists as a state of virtual reality within a higher realm of really real reality. We are a computer simulation ‘living’ in a virtual landscape. There are various observations in the physical sciences that are suggestive that this hypothesis is true. Here are some additional examples. . . . more

 Exceptions To The Rule: The Speed Of Light (And Gravity?) - Category: Science - Physics by: - John Prytz 10/20/2017
Summary: We normally expect within our reality and in the physical sciences for there to be a fair degree of consistency. When consistency is broken, then one has to really sit up and take notice and try to figure things out, for things are not always as they seem. One such anomaly with respect to consistency is the speed of light and its relationship to velocities in other contexts. . . . more

 The Mandela Effect: Two Differing Versions of Reality - Category: Science - Biology by: - John Prytz 10/20/2017
Summary: How reliable is human memory? Well not very as each and every one of us has a lot of false memories that we actually don’t realize are false. However, our false memories should be pretty unique to ourselves. What’s your false memory is unique to you; what’s my false memory is unique to me. But what’s the state of play when hundreds, thousands even millions of unrelated people share a false memory? This is known as the Mandela Effect. So what is the evidence and what are the implications when it comes down to what’s really real? . . . more

 The Simulation Hypothesis: Evidence From Astronomy - Category: Science - Astronomy by: - John Prytz 10/7/2017
Summary: If you agree that evidence is something that you can independently verify for yourself, then the following is evidence, albeit suggestive evidence, in favor of the Simulation Hypothesis. Be prepared to rethink everything you think you know. . . . more

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 Aquarium Medications; Anti-Parasitic - Category: Home and Family - Pets by: - Carl Strohmeyer 2/23/2007
Summary: This article deals with medications generally intended for the treatment of internal and external parasites. When you have fish that are sick (bacterial, fungal, protozoan, or other parasites), you want to try and isolate them in a hospital aquarium whenever possible. Regular water changes before each treatment allow for a more effective treatment, especially when treated in the display aquarium. . . . more

 AQUARIUM FILTRATION (Filters), Canister, HOB and Cleaning; how they work - Category: Home and Family - Pets by: - Carl Strohmeyer 10/29/2007
Summary: There are several different kinds of aquarium filters, each with advantages and disadvantages. Most work best when used in combination to compliment each other, this redundancy is also important for peace of mind in case one filter fails, another will keep your aquarium filtering. . . . more

 "Better another Taliban Afghanistan, than a Taliban NUCLEAR Pakistan!?" - Category: Society - Politics by: - stephenj.morgan 3/5/2007
Summary: The defeat is Iraq undermines any hope of success in Afghanistan. At least half of the country will fall to the Taliban within two years. The new southern caliphate could become a Pashtunistan tearing away Pastun tribes and threatening the break up of Pakistan and the creation of an unstable, fundamentalist, nuclear regime there. . . . more

 Making Cheap Homemade Carp Boilies For Big Fish Without Using Expensive Protein Ingredients! - Category: Sports - Fishing by: - Tim F. Richardson 7/31/2009
Summary: There is much made of amino acids and protein in carp baits but is truly over-blown when you consider how many cheap fantastic classic carp baits succeed with barely any protein content, including sweetcorn, bread and tiger nuts. Here are some alternative low protein cheap bait recipe suggestions to give you the edge and to save a fortune in expensive readymade baits! . . . more

 The Al Qaeda Cult : Secrets of its Hidden Power - Category: Society - Politics by: - stephenj.morgan 2/7/2007
Summary: Mind-control, collective suicide, are just two of may features in the cult power of Al Qaeda - a cult of suicidal, messianic, martyrdom . . . more